[message] UFO Town with Taemin 110713

To see more…[Cr as tagged | Trans by jujugal] Click if you want to see it a bit bigger 😉


9 thoughts on “[message] UFO Town with Taemin 110713

  1. LOL He went crazy in the first one omfg ❤ But what the hail is going on in the second one? xD
    kekeke "continue to be a fool" xD the last one killed me tho. Taemin's humor is showing~

  2. I don’t understand the second one o_o .. otherwise, these were really funny xD The fan got owned in the last one LOL

  3. …I’m sorr …I’m new to all this…can you tell me what is UFO Town….and how can I get to it?? 🙂

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