[TV/fancam] SHINee Hello with f(x) @ SBS Inkigayo

– For those who can’t see the first clip, here is a version with the logo cut off. It won’t be blocked, I hope.

Cr to please*3

Cr to intaemin

– Disappointed with the camera work…I was warned of it, so I didn’t expect much…still I feel the camera missed a lot. Anyway, our boys were very cute! Taemin looks thinner…

– yay~ I needed fancams! Thank you!

[Cr as tagged | Source: 가티영, shakizi] Click to see it big!

Cute puppy taem ❤

[Cr as tagged | Source: shakizi]


45 thoughts on “[TV/fancam] SHINee Hello with f(x) @ SBS Inkigayo

  1. I still don’t get the point of having this stage without Onew & Jonghyun ESP with Onew clearly in the back track. The vocals were pretty weak overall except for Taemin. Key sounded sick and even Luna sounded off. They all looked cute but this was just not a good performance for me. Maybe it feels that way to me bec I know 5SHINee performs Hello very well.

    I’m not knocking fx. I just think this perf did not go anywhere or made either group look good. It would have been far more interesting if they indeed performed Lollilop – it’s repetitive and rap-heavy so they could have done it well without Onew and Jonghyun.

    • I agree with you! Im not quite satisfied with their performance too.
      I dunno if it’s just me, but most of them went off key.
      I love f(shinee). But this stage isn’t the best collab they could have performed.

      I still didn’t get why the hell did they perform Hello.
      Some say they didn’t let Onew and Jonghyun perform since they got the most lines (great way to divide those lines to f(x) members) and f(x) would surely be overshadowed (as if 2minkey didn’t overshadow them already).
      They should perform Lollipop next time. I want a Lollipop stage.

      • I guess I could not enjoy it bec it was not a very good collab vocally and it gave non-fans an opportunity to criticize SHINee or those that sang. I don’t feel all 5 of SHINee should perform together all the time. My biggest concern is that this was not a good performance and did not do either group a favor. Plus, if it was meant as a gift to Shawols, all 5 should have been there or that it should have been a better stage.

        Anyway, I am hoping Onjong was busy recording a duet so they could not attend. One can hope.

      • Where did you see these non-fans or antis criticizing? If someone is criticizing SHINee based on their special performance with another group without two main vocals, I think it’s not worth a listen. At Korean ent. portals, it’s got good responses. Fans were all happy, of course, and even non-fans seem to like it. I think they are watching this as ‘special,’ not like the ones during their regular activities, for which they’d have a more critical standard.
        As for fans who are complaining, I think part of it might be from their biased heart. If it had been Taemin who didn’t perform, I would have missed him so much. But let’s be careful not to hurt other biased hearts. And I don’t understand why you make such a big deal out of this little gig probably made with a short notice to them.

      • Fair point – people on allkpop & omona tend to be critical bec they’re not necessarily fans. It’s good to hear the general feedback in KR was positive. A perf on national TV is not a small gig though but an opportunity to win new fans. It’s got nothing to do with personal biases because I felt even Luna was not great. It could be the limited practice time or just that Hello was not the right song for a collab.

        The dance was cute and the fanchants were great. K-Shawols must miss them so much. Anyway, I look forward to fancams from SHINeeWorld Taiwan and a possible korean comeback this year.

  2. yeah i like just SHINee singing hello… but i don’t like f(x) so SHINee out shine them any day^^
    mmmm i wish they preformed lollipop but they didn’t but taemin key and minho made it look good^^ i don’t mean to be harsh on f(x) but they don’t stand a chance next to SHINee^^
    i hope taemin gains weight it worries me to see him so skinny >”< he needs to stay healthy^^

  3. I don’t really get why 3 SHINee members performed Hello with f(x). They could have at least included Jonghyun and Onew too. I absolutely love f(x), and they should have performed Lollipop instead. Hello doesn’t suit f(x) vocally, and it would have been a much more exciting to watch them perform Lollipop. Lollipop has the swag that f(x) is known for and SHINee would fit in well. It has a lot more punch and it could have been a really fun performance. Without Jonghyun and Onew the Hello sounded weak and lacked energy. Key and Minho aren’t bad, but their vocal weaknesses show when they have to do Jonghyun’s and Onew’s parts.

    • I think there are reasons we can speculate on… Others offered some above, and I think they might have been simply too busy to perform Lollipop. They’ll have to practice for it, you know (even though they performed it together before, it was a long time ago and only done once), but with Hello, it’s much easier. They are now basically in the resting period in Korea and doing activities in Japan. As we all know, they filmed the next pv, and probably recorded their next album. They might be preparing for their next Korean album too (we never know). I think they didn’t have much time to practice for Lollipop performance (SHINee wouldn’t show a half-cooked performance on stage). I know what you mean by your last sentence…but as this is like a surprise bonus to fans, I think it’s OK. Let’s relax and enjoy what is given 😉
      Ah, another theory: as usual, they did rock, paper, and scissors. And Taemin, Minho, Key lost 😉

      • “Ah, another theory: as usual, they did rock, paper, and scissors. And Taemin, Minho, Key lost”

        Ahahaha I like this theory the best actually XD

      • HAHAHA I love your rock-paper-scissor theory! XD But as a blinger I’m kinda butt hurt still but what can ya dooo? I agree with everything you said, but at the same time this Hello performance seemed a bit half-cooked to me. Maybe it’s just that f(SHINee) have a very high performance standard and today wasn’t a good day?

        And to talk a bit about their album preparation; do you think they recorded some song back in march/april when their jp debut got postponed? In the back of my head I hope that they did because then it means they have less to finish if they’re actually doing some recording know when they have time.

      • Well, I won’t say it’s half-cooked. Look at their dance. Performance-wise, it was good! Vocal-wise, com’on, without two main vocals, it wasn’t bad at all (we should remember Minho and Key’s vocal range is rather low-middle, so it’s not easy for them to cover the main vocal lines), and we know f(x) vocals are not that strong except for Luna and Krystal. Don’t be butthurt. SHINee seniors (Onew and Jjong) must be resting happily: “You youngers have more energy, so do it while we take a break!” 😉

      • thank you so much for your very objective theories (the rock, paper and scissors theory is the best. hahaha!).
        i am just plain happy to see them. beggars can’t be choosers. – i think SM knows that fans miss SHINee after their long absence and maybe this is their way of reaching out. i agree, this is not their best performance. but hey, they’re people too. they also get tired. in fact they look so thin here. still, it’s good to see them.

        thanks for sharing.

      • Oh I’m not saying thats it’s bad, more that it lacked that little extra. Like salome said, beggars can’t be choosers. Don’t know why I’m complaining about members and stuff when I should be uber happy to finally see SHINee on a music program again. Why am I suddenly going all high expectations on them? Ugh, I don’t like being me sometimes -.-

        It felt kinda strange seeing SHINee on a music show again I have to admit. It’s been more than six months since last time and almost a year(!) since the release of Lucifer O.o

        Even though I know they’re having a jam packed schedule up until SM Town in Tokyo this september I’m in desperate need of new Korean material soon! I have so much respect for f(x)’s fans now.

  4. aww so cute. thanks for the uncut perf 😀 *hopes someone also releases a taemin fancam* with 8 people on stage not enough screentime 😛 also for the ending vid, saw taekey on the side there when 2pm won.
    but taems always been skinny, maybe it was only the clothes? or luna/vic/sullis legs in contrast beside him haha 😀
    and as much as id like for all 5 of them to be there this was fx’s goodbye stage (shinee already had their hello stages on inki) so its natural theyd get more attention and imo fx did really good, as did 2minkey of course 😀

    • I though that this wasnt part of fxs goodbye stage?
      “After a slew of special stages over the past two weeks, Inkigayo has arranged for another one, this time with SHINee’s Key, Minho and Taemin who was joined by the f(x) members for a performance of SHINee’s “Hello” to mark Pyeonchang being the host city for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.”

    • Fans were saying Tae’s legs look skinnier than Krystal’s 😉 One of the fans who attended the recording says she saw lots of pretty stars there but the best legs of the day were definitely Tae’s, 😀

  5. I think the reason why they didn’t include Jonghyun and Onew was because, if they also performed, then what’s the use of having f(x) when they wouldn’t sing anything, right?
    About 50-60% of HELLO is sang by both Jonghyun and Onew. But, that’s just my thinking. ^^

    Thanks, Juju. ^^

    • its blocked? i can still see it.. does sbs now only block some countries instead of giving strikes? (ive been wondering about that recently but too scared to uploading anything to see for myself :D)

      • It’s changed now. I couldn’t even upload any SBS clip before. It was automatically detected and blocked. But now I get this copyright message saying I don’t have to do anything. There must be some kind of deal, and now they are blocking it only in some countries.

  6. This was sooo cute!! I love it! Thanks Juju, I can always trust in you’re website =D!
    Anyway I thought it was a good performance, and about Jonghyun and Onew, well sometimes they make contribution with other artists and nobody question why the other 3 weren’t there. Besides wasn’t like a special performance for Fx? Anyway I’m happy that 2MinKey get the spotlight once in a while! and uri Key was sooo happy I love him ❤

  7. Yeah, the camerawork was bad. Maybe because there was so many people on stage?

    But I thought the performance was okay, all things considered. The end was especially cute.

  8. I question why they choose to use this song for the collab instead of an f(x) song (since they the ones promoting) or a legit collab song like Lollipop? Even w/o Jongyu this felt more like a Shinee stage ft. f(x) (which is odd since Shinee aren’t promoting now or was that the point?)

    This does make me miss Shinee on k-music progs tho. From a fan point of view promos on Jp music shows w/ there 1 appearance per song policy & singing shorten ver of the song can’t compete XD

    • I think the point was to use the fact that f(x) is promoting right now to keep SHINee out there so people don’t forget them.

      Remember all the SHINee stages where f(x) was featured before they came back? They did that for the same reason. So people wouldn’t forget about f(x).

      It seems like fans were missing them a lot. The fanchants and screams were loud hehe.

  9. Juju bb, (I always want to call u that although i don’t know whether i’m the older ^^). Have u wake up yet? You must stayed really really late for their Inki performance, poor bb! Sleep more, ok!
    But there’s good news: SHINee placed #20 on Oricon chart, it’s amazing cause it’s about 3 weeks already, right?
    In addition, I saw NhiAngela on soompi uploaded a short cut of Entertainment Weekly (aired yesterday) where the male host talking about him having a breakfast with Minho and complimenting SHINee as a group at the end. And I just wonder if there was any corner of SHINee in the show, or it’s just a random moment of the host?

    • Hey! haha right I stayed up really late for the performance. I saw the Oricon ranking too. Isn’t that great? I think I’ll post it when the weekly chart comes out.
      As for Ent Weekly, there was no separate corner for SHINee. It was just a random comment. Fans were surprised again by Minho’s connections in the entertainment world. And this week we got this photo of Minho having dinner with Director Jangjin! Minho will do well later when he gets more seriously into acting. (as a taemint, I’m concerned about Tae’s shyness^^;;;)

      • Don’t worry bb, Tae’s still young, really young considering he’s a idol verteran now.
        But fans always have reason to worry. As for me – a Flammer – I’m glad that those kind of info never make big deals on the internet so that haters won’t have a change to spread sth like “he tried so hard to become an actor” bla bla bla bla ….

      • yup! Taebb will find his thing in due time & who knows maybe hes already got an idea of what he wants do but is just waiting for the right chance to start on it 😉

        This is gonna sound odd & I know hes a dancer 1st & foremost but I think it’d be pretty interesting if Taemin started doing lyrics or composition…idek why I want to see something like this tbqh but I do…hes more likely become a choreography before that tho XD

  10. if jonghyun and onew were there, then there would’ve been no parts for fx to sing. SM didn’t really plan this special stage out well.. they kind of just divided the parts and didn’t add anything new to it. Plus it’s a “special stage” to celebrate Korea getting the olympics again. i don’t see the point in getting upset.

  11. Haha, am I the only one who was disappointed when I didn’t see any MinKhun interaction?? ^^;; I saw that 2PM won and then I squealed when I noticed TaeKey sneaking up to the front of the stage during the speeches; I thought Minho was stalking his lover from the other side, but then Hands Up started playing and I didn’t see him anywhere near Nichkhun D: I was expecting some long-overdue Bromance! … Oh well. It was great seeing our boys up on stage again! 😀 I hope they’re getting rest and eating well. I’m anticipating Juliette!!

  12. When I said it wasn’t a good performance, it doesn’t mean that I DON’T ENJOY it. But if it ain’t good, I just say it ain’t good, if their vocals are weak, I just say it’s weak. Why do I have to sympathize and say “they’re so cute” but appreciate that they need to make it better, at least for their vocals????

    I’m not disappointed or something cause I know Hello is not easy for f(x) to sing, all SHINee’s songs are not easy to sing along. But I will never praise “they’re cute” when I watch a live performance.

  13. OMG OMG OMG…SHINeeWorld is making a stop in SG on Sept 10th. HOOOORRAAYYYYY!!! The best part is that the most expensive seats are only worth SGD 218. But OMG the fight for seats will be horrible again since they will only sell 6000 tickets (What the heck? 90% of the 10k crowd during the 2010 SG Ent Awards was there for SHINee. they need to add more seats).

  14. Thanks Jujugal for the video that wasnt blocked.
    Hmm the song doesn’t suit f(x) but I thought Luna and Amber did well. The other f(x) members’ vocals are too high for hello.

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