[spoiler/photo] SHINee Special Stage with f(x)

WARNING: The following is a SPOILER!!! If you don’t want to know, don’t read it!

They did the recording at one go. Minho and Amber divided the rap part. Minho put his hand on Amber’s shoulder, did hi-five, bumped fists – daebak~

Taemin in curly hair, Key also blonde and spiky.

Key and Taemin had a red face painting.

Key and Krystal made a heart; Taemin and Krystal faced each other at the part of singing “You are different~”

They performed Hello!

And don’t expect too much… a fan says the camera work didn’t look good 😦

[from DC Shinee Gallery]

[Cr as tagged]

Absolutely loving his hair *0*


10 thoughts on “[spoiler/photo] SHINee Special Stage with f(x)

    • Not sure. The fan only mentioned Amber and Krystal, but it may not necessarily mean only the two performed. On the photos of Taemin, I see Sulli. So all five of f(x) must be there.

    love his hair ❤
    i told myself, don't read this wait till the performance but i couldn't lol
    soooo excited!!

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