[photo] Taemin’s Blonde Hair

[Source: http://blog.naver.com/nazzzzzzz?Redirect=Log&logNo=40133248618]

This is a photo of Taemin posing for the sponsored shoes. It’s very bright blonde! Can’t wait to see him tomorrow.


24 thoughts on “[photo] Taemin’s Blonde Hair

  1. i’m not going to react till i see his hair tmr. for all i know, this could have been during his hello promotions.

    not going to lie though, i will miss his red hair. it made him look more his age and he looked so HOT!

    i bet you anything, taemins hair will look super hot tmr. i wasn’t really anticipating his red hair when i first heard about it but it turned out amazing.
    his hair cut will be the same, its only the color that will be different. i’m guessing he will look like a cute maknae again 😀

  2. goes to this site and this is the first pic i see


    I am the only one loving it? As long as it isnt curly im fine

    • yes! please no curls! as much as id love for it to get to lucifer length id rather not risk a year of occasional curly to get to it. so better keep it short.. and really what color hair hasnt suited him? blonds quite casual, nothing to be surprised about 😀

      otherwise.. my eyes went straight to the PANTS >.<
      (and i saw a fancam of 2min filming the jap juliette mv with this hair so this is def new, id share the link but its a private fancam..)

      • But I think they will curl his hair even this short occasionally 😛 I wonder tomorrow will they curl his hair or straight?

      • damn i cant even see the fancam myself anymore.. its a private video in utube and imo people can share videos with only 25 people so i guess after i commented on it the person shared it with someone else >.<
        i think its originally from this new site: http://twominplace.net/ under data-video seems to be it but i cant actually watch it there..

  3. me and my friend were debating on whether taemin should have blonde or red hair.
    we concluded that that he looks good in anything 😉

  4. he looks cute & pretty & amazing & fantastic……….. in any hair style
    i love all ….. taemins hair style
    taeminah sarangheeee ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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