[photo] Minho with Director Jangjin’s Family

Jangjin, a famous director, twitted a picture of Minho with his son, saying Minho had dinner with his family. Minho must have good connections in the entertainment world. Can we anticipate their collaboration in the future? Minho in his movie one day? ^^

[Source: http://blog.naver.com/nazzzzzzz?Redirect=Log&logNo=40133248618]

Minho in sponsored shoes. Only in a white shirt and washed jeans, but he looks chic~!


3 thoughts on “[photo] Minho with Director Jangjin’s Family

  1. This kid is something, really! Untill now i’m pretty sure he is still a shy boy (only better than Tae), he is not the type who makes first step. But someway somehow he’s a maniac, a butterfly (like JaeJong), sooner or later he becomes closed to everyone he met.
    And he must have a time machine or sth, he always endures one of the busiest schedule in the group, but he still finds time to manage those connections. It’s really amazing!
    On the other side, he must waste all of his incomes to cellphone bills. Imaging he has to text, to call … all his long list of friends regularly esp when he goes abroad 🙂

  2. Minho is so good looking!
    even with that usual clothes (that i’m sure if someone else wearing it will look normal) but he looks so, uhhmm, PERFECT and have that superstar shining aura on him.
    and LOL @Tiff’s comment. i also imagine how he has to text and call his long-list-friends despite his busy schedule. kkkkk

  3. he’s so good looking but he’s cute side still so obvious. anyway, i do anticipate a lot from him. and its undeniable that he has bunch of contacts in entertainment world. its so obvious.

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