[magazine] SHINee on Fineboys HQ

[Cr to Tonghyun@twitter]

For more scans…


2 thoughts on “[magazine] SHINee on Fineboys HQ

  1. Juju dear,
    Today your blog seems to be quite so I decide to share with u sth funny/idiot.
    You know what, when i saw the stalking photos of JongTae and MinHo lately, I have a feeling that the scene is very very familiar but can’t find out why,untill yesterday when I watched 2days1night on KBSWorld
    Have u ever watched the show? On the show, the cast members almost always begin their trip at the front door of KBS hall. And that front door with a long and wide stairs look exactly the same
    (may be just alike ^^) the stairs in those stalking pics.
    Then I can’t help but laughed at myself because of my silly thought. I mean, what kind of MV featuring KBS hall’s front door???
    it’s just because i can’t wait for the MV 🙂

    • haha, I think we are just missing them so much…I roamed around youtube watching old videos. We need new SHINee songs and videos 😦

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