[magazine] SHINee on Popeye HQ

[Cr to Tonghyun@twitter | editing by The SHINing Club -karaine | Reup: eimanjjong@soompi]

To see more scans…

Click to see them big!

Wow, even though I don’t know well about Popeye, I can see the quality through these photos. These look very luxurious!


4 thoughts on “[magazine] SHINee on Popeye HQ

  1. Popeye is one lovely magazine, maybe i’m just bias :)) i know coz of Jpop, u ever heard of KAT-TUN? i only see Kame-chan and Jin got on popeye even though they have 6 members, ther photo shoots are awesome and the boys look hawt ^^
    it’s great to see SHINee feature in so many awesome Japanese mag. <333 Fineboys is one damn fine magazine too <33
    fighting SHINee!!! ^^
    and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Anyway, this photo is soooo, i dont know. the editing is just sooo nice. i love this. with those smiling faces of our boys.

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