[notice] Onew & Minho To Quit MCing Music Core

SME posted a notice that Onew and Minho will quit emceeing Music Core after the filming scheduled on 9 July due to their busy overseas schedules.

It’s said “tentatively.” Does this mean they will come back later?



14 thoughts on “[notice] Onew & Minho To Quit MCing Music Core

  1. NONONO! i want onho! *crying* i know they’re busy and all, but they’re such AWESOME MC’S O_O 😦

  2. hmm “tentatively”… I wonder if they will come back later as well > <
    i'll miss them for sure T_T

  3. I understand why they have to leave but I hope it’s temporary. Saturdays are going to be dull again… No more cute and hyper OnHo/MiNew TT0TT the staff must have been sad to let them go and OnHo themselves. You can see how happy they were last week coming back on the show.

  4. it’s good they focus on japan and overseas activities..
    hope they back again..after they jp activities done maybe..
    onho mc-ing with jiyeon and suzy bring such lively and happy atmosphere..

  5. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t pull them sooner tbh…its a pity no doubt but it rly can’t be help because of their current actvites… I wonder if they’ll do anything special for their departure…

  6. i knew it would be like this sooner or later,, but yet dunno should feel sad or grateful 😦

  7. Nooooooooooooo! Though I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later because they are often overseas on weekends. The boys are really busy and they can tour more if they do not have a fixed weekly commitment.

    I will them fiercely…no more weekly dose of Onew’s cute dorkiness.

  8. I do hope it’s temporary. They will be overseas the next 2 weekends again this Jul & a few more weekends this Aug. I supposed that’s why it is unavoidable.

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