[info] SHINee Tops Japanese Twitter Hot Trending

[Source: http://tr.twipple.jp/hotword/2011/07/07/20/55.html]

It seems the winners of tickets to SHINee’s showcase receptions were announced today.

It’s said SHINee will have three rounds of the reception in Fukuoka. Right, not two times, but three times a day. Worried about their health. Why couldn’t they book a larger place for the reception from the beginning??


12 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Tops Japanese Twitter Hot Trending

  1. Actually, their schedule is crazier day by day.
    July 27,28th : showcases in Tokyo
    July 29th: Ocean Festival in Korea (it’s on July 29th, right?)
    Aug 1st: filming MJapan
    Aug 4th: event in Sacheon, Kr
    Aug 8, 11th: showcases in Japan
    Aug 13th: Incheon Hallyu wave concert
    –> they will fly back and forth 5 times in a period of 15~16days

  2. their schedule’s keep adding up day by day. 0_0″
    though im glad they’re loved, but this may concern their health.
    now i could see why they said they wont comeback this near future. i could sense this would happen. >,,<
    they're going everywhere this year. i bet they gonna get homesick or something. :'|

  3. i’m having that bad feeling again. i keep thinking back to DBSK and their busy schedules. i don’t want SHINee to end up like them and then disband. please SM/EMI take good care of my boys. they are really young and fragile. do they even get to see their families often? aishh =.=”

  4. I think 2 rounds in a day happens for popular JP acts so I guess SHINee should take this as a compliment. I wish the 3rd round is put on another date so they are not so tired. But I’m really happy for the boys.

      • If the norm is 3 rounds a day, then it’s not a surprise the Fukuoka reception was increased to 3 rounds due to demand. I heard JP promos are done heavily thru shows instead of TV appearances (like KR). The boys just need to get used to this pace. Most of SNSD got sick at their first few shows but have not heard the same for the shows after sm town Paris.

  5. They are extremetely busy but we should just support them and encourage to keep going. I read that leeteuk said once something about the killer schedules on his twitter “There is a lot of people talking about our busy schedule, but what can you do about it? Do you think we’re the only ones that are busy?
    Everyone who works is probably busy and having a hard time, whenever I hear something like that personally it is upsetting,” “Somebody who is popular will of course have lots of work, you know there are a lot of people that want to do more work but don’t the opportunity.”
    That’s why I hope that you fans stop saying, ‘Wow you must have a hard time,’ ‘it would be nice if you guys had some rest’ and instead said ‘Fighting! I hope you guys continue to work harder’ I would like it if you gave us these types of cheering instead.”
    Thats why 🙂

    • I’m not the type of fan who complains about their busy schedules usually. I agree with Lee Teuk. I think the busier the singers are, the happier even though it’s physically exhausting. But making them perform three rounds a day, it looks like a poor plan not thought out and prepared well in advance.

      • I know, it looks like they underestimated shinee or something, two were enough if the place was big enough *sigh*

      • I really do believe EMI underestimated the interest in SHINee to be honest. And it is called premium reception so I think the original idea was to have a much smaller and intimate “concert” like the one in London. But they could at least have spread them out on different dates

        It’s just like their SHINee world concert all over again. Two concerts in day.

  6. How long is the reception in fukuoka? Because if it’s not that long… it shouldn’t be too terrible to repeat it three times. I mean, if it was nearly as long as their concert in Yogi Stadium, then that’s just plain ridiculous.. but since I have a feeling that these receptions are much shorter.. it should be okay >< Then again, i dont know..

    • I think it wouldn’t be too long. Probably one hour? but the singing part will be like 30 min., I think. So it is “doable.” Still I don’t quite like the idea of doing three rounds a day.

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