[sub] SHINee on Anan July 13 – subbed

[Cr to Tonghyun | Korean Trans by 도덕@DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal]


26 thoughts on “[sub] SHINee on Anan July 13 – subbed

  1. OMG I saw a more close up photo. Taemin is indeed blonde. This makes me dread how the others look now. Jjong looked great as a blonde but I’m not sure it will look good on the rest.

      • this is the link. At first people say that is JongKey, then they said that person is Taemin, then the noona who took the pic confirm that is Key. But now we all sure that that person is Taemin^^

    • You mean everyone is blonde? I think Jonghyun didn’t dye his hair. On the picture I saw Taemin in blonde, Jonghyun’s hair looked the same dark color.
      I just heard Minho said on Sukira that SHINee will do activities in Korea this year? So are they really coming back at the end of the year as he said before?

      • oh, really? did Minho make a phone call to Sukira? OMG, i’m so excited but also so worried for their health. Their schedule is no joke >.<
        And about their hair, whoever in charge of Tae's hair style need to stop, at least untill their Kr comeback. Now, Tae's hair is confirmed to be blonde, Jong's probaly is dark and we will see OnHo's hair this Sat (but I don't think they changed anything according to their MC appearance last week). So, only Key left!

      • Someone posted it now at shakizi. Minho says, “sooner or later, so please wait for us a little bit more”. They must be preparing something. Maybe like SNSD released “Hoot” as a surprise and promoted it in Korea??

      • if it likes “Hoot”‘s case, so it will be soon. I remember SNSD released Hoot just 2 or 3 weeks after Gee (their 2nd Jp single as Julliet for Shinee).let see, they might release Julliet in mid Aug, so… a Kr comeback after SMT concert in Tokyo Dome???? ahhhhhhhh, i should control my hope ^^

      • Totally agree! and a NO NO for all blonde. I got scared when thinking of it, esp Minho, he doesn’t suit blonde or any light color.

      • i’m seriously getting worried for tae. i mean, the boy has changed his hair how many flippen different colors in how many years. his hair stylist should just stop changing his hair colour all the time, its pissing me off now.

        as for the rest of the boys being blonde, thats a bit too scary so i wount comment on it xD

      • @Juju I’m not sure they are allowed to say no. I remember Taemin saying he did not want his Lucifer hair at all, but they did it to him anyway.

        I think they can make suggestions and then they will get a yay or nay (like Key suggested shaving his hair), but if they are set on a member having a certain hairstyle …I don’t think they can do anything about it.

      • Bec I am worried for their health, I don’t really want them to have a KR comeback this year. Plus if they do comeback, I don’t want it to be half-baked e.g. like Hoot. SHINee’s next comeback song needs to be bigger than Lucifer. I am counting on YYJ.

        They always release a mini or full album at least 2x a yr so I expected at least 1 release this year, possibly Oct comeback. Amigo, RDD & Hello re-pack were released at that time too.

      • Regardless of the frequency of Taemin’s hair dyes, as long as stylist see to it that he get regular condition & restorative hair treatments his hair should be fine. As a person who regularly gets their hair dyed trust me when I say stuff like that are usually enough to offset the damage that come w/ regular hair dyes :3

        As for a K-comeback this yr I’ll welcome it as long as it’s a well put together one & the boys are as rested as possible. If coming back this yr means a shoddily put together album & promos w/ super exhausted kids I don’t want it tbh….

  2. Juju. I have a question. Shinee have a lots of copies of Songs. For example Juliette, Ayo, Ready or Not or Forever or Never.

    Do you know which songs Shinee have copied too?

    • shinee copied ?
      i thought it’s just remake the songs
      SM bought the songs..
      and with different lyrics too

    • jsyk the proper word your looking for here is remake 😉 to say copy make it sound like they plagiarized when in fact SME buys all their songs legally.

      also something to keep in mind: lots of what ppl call remakes by SME artist are actually demos. Remakes are made off of song previously released commercially but demo are just reference ver of songs created by composer so perspective song buyer know what they’re getting (they’re non-commercial pieces) but some demo find their way onto the net leading ppl to mistakenly take the ver released by SME commercially as a remake of it. Also remember that composers can sell the same song to multiple ppl so it’s possible for two diff artist to released the same song w/o either being consider a remake (because both artist have rights to it) <—just some friendly, kinda off topic info ;P

      As for your actual question Life & Obsession are two other examples of remakes by Shinee :3

  3. so sad D: Red-haired taeminnie was so hot! They need to stop messing up with my boys hair .___. im worried now

  4. @fatalblue: Thx for the information.^^ I found out that Hello was remaked too. 😦 Here the original version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt1yx4ou-7Q&feature=player_embedded

    jujugal i’m so sorry for this off topic. But I think this is important to know, as a SHINee Fan. Can you make a Treasure for all the remakes? Not all SHINee Fans now about the remaked songs and its hurts me, to know now about it. I cant understand SM Ent. SHINee is such a super band but with this covers…. i feel not good. 😦 I thought the songs are original. 😦 Very dissapointing.

    • Hmm… I think you don’t have to be disappointed. These days, music industry is changing in the globalizing environment, so this is just a way to adopt a good song that can appeal to people and matches SHINee. I don’t mind it because SHINee can make it their own in their own color and style. For example with Hip Hop songs, people just use melodies and tunes out in the market. Different songs sound similar. So the concept of originality is changing too.
      As other people explained it, a remake is not a copy or cover (So please be careful in using those terms. Other shawols wouldn’t like it because there is a significant difference). Singers have been doing remakes in the music history. Sometimes remakes turn out better than the original or not. Don’t think remakes are inferior to originals. Some remakes fail because the singers couldn’t render them into their own unique style. I’ve listened to music, so I’ve seen such cases.
      SM have thousands of songs as their resources, and there must be a reason they chose those songs for SHINee. It has worked well, I think. If you listen to their album, there are many other original songs too. Anyway, not a problem with me. I don’t even understand why you are so upset.

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