[news] Seoul City Co-marketing with SM Entertainment through Kpop Concerts

Seoul City is set to use the hot Korean Wave, which is spreading not only to Japan, China, and Southeastern Asia, but also to Europe, for “Seoul promotion campaign.”

Seoul City announced on 8 July it is planning to start an intensive marketing in Asia by using K-pop singers and Seoul’s attractions.

Seoul City will begin the marketing by promoting Seoul and Korean Wave culture through K-pop Asian tour concerts in China, Taiwan, and an southeastern country in alliance with SM Entertainment.

The “Asian Tour,” starting with SHINee’s concert in Taipei on the 16th of this month, also includes Nanjing in August and a southeastern country later this year. In the concert to be held in a southeastern country, Seoul City is planning to hold a “K-pop cover contest” with a Seoul tour ticket as the reward for the winner.

Seoul City will also hold a “Seoul trip storytelling contest” with the theme “You can be a main character for a Korean Wave drama!” starting from the end of this month and offer the winner a chance to visit Seoul. The winner will be announced at http://www.visitseoul.net at the end of next month.

[from Star News http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2011070710521122830&type=1&outlink=1]

– As I understand it, the Asian tour here is SHINee’s tour in Asia, isn’t it? Was it Malaysia? There was a talk SM is planning a concert there, right? Is it still not confirmed? This news article doesn’t give the name of the southeastern country.


28 thoughts on “[news] Seoul City Co-marketing with SM Entertainment through Kpop Concerts

  1. There are rumors that SHINee will have a concert in Singapore. Hopefully it’s true. I’ve heard SHINee got a huge fanbase there.

    Asian Tour with SHINee Please. Please. Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are waiting for SHINee’s concert. It’s a good way to expand SHINee’s fanbase.

      • Im hoping for that too. Almost every country they went to, it’s chaotic and security isn’t really that well.

    • Singapore is very likely since they were here 3x in 2010 and have not returned this 2011 yet. The challenge is probably: (1) booking Singapore Indoor Stadium because there are so many events there this year, (2) matching with SHINee’s schedule. I don’t think the boys are free until November though: Jul – JP showcases, Aug – JP showcases & 2nd single?, Sept – SM Town, JP promos, KR comeback prep?, Oct – possible KR comeback?

      • If they can book it, it can happen this month or August or anytime really. So far there’s only 4 showcases in July and 2 in August. That leaves many days open. They’d only need to fly out there for 1 day to do it then they can back to their other schedules.

        But I think they are considering adding more showcases because of a lot of interest. At least that’s what I’m getting when I run the latest news from their JP website through google translate. Lol

      • I also heard they delayed the announcement of the names of those who won the tickets for the reception showcases because they are considering adding more showcases. It’s definitely because there are lots of applicants. Fans are wondering if EMI Japan underestimated SHINee. Why couldn’t they organize more at a bigger place from the beginning? You know the amount for the first shipments and the limited version… Looking a bit timid.

      • Rumors said it will be on late 2011 or early 2012.
        So, it’s possible that it will be Singapore.
        I agree that it might be difficult to match SHINee’s schedule with all those rumors about K-comeback and next JP single. Besides, SHINee never give us half-baked comeback promotion.

      • @JW – SHINeeWorld the concert is a 3-hr show with only the 5 of them performing (unlike bigger groups where there are more solos). JP showcases are at least 2-hr shows. It will be very tiring for SHINee (and their voices will be dying) if they add more to the schedule. I certainly hope they do re-think about adding more dates.

        Jul: 9 Korea-MuCore, 16 Taiwan, 22 Fukuoka, 23 Kansai, 27-28 Tokyo
        Aug: 4 Sascheon,8 Sapporo,11 Nagoya,13 Incheon, 20 Nanjing.

      • Are you sure it is a 2-hr show? Even though it’s 2-hour, it won’t be like a concert. They won’t sing lots of songs there.

      • @Juju

        Although the underestimation can be annoying. I think I prefer them being underestimated than them aiming too high and having articles saying they can’t fill venues or something.

      • @tombrady’s girl

        Ah, yes. I guess I’m a little less sensitive about the amount of shows compared to others. To me that is not a lot. When it comes to american music, I’ve been fans of people who do 2 hour shows literally everyday so when I see like 5 in one month it doesn’t seem like a lot to me.

        Whatever the case, I just hope they rest well and do their best. I’m sure Shawols will understand if their voices crack or they look a little tired or something. We know what their schedules are like. 🙂

    • I agree American concert tours (or most Western tours) are tiring. They do back-to-back shows from city-to-city and move across across countries. But i doubt they have other large commitments during a tour.

      It’s not the same for most of K-pop including SHINee. Everyone’s trying to do so many things at the same time – debut/make a name in JP, TV shows in KR, KR comeback at least 1x a yr, etc. It’s crazy! I think YG groups are the only exception.

      Personally, I wish SHINee would just focus on JP promos and do an Asian concert tour for the rest of the year. The KR comeback can wait. Though Shawols will forgive cracking voices in performances, I doubt new/ prospective fans will appreciate it. SHINee’s built a reputation as good vocal performers. I’m not sure it’s worth sacrificing quality over quantity(e.g. more appearances) to make the existing fanbase happy. I really want them to keep growing their fanbase. Then they can go on a very long hiatus before their next comeback.

      • You make a good point about new/prospective fans. I guess we’ll just have to see what comes~

  2. omg… they really comin to malaysia??
    from what i heard, the organizer who’ll bring them here still not confirmed anythin.
    they only saying they r trying their best to get shinee
    & ask the fans to wait for great news.
    but from the rumors say it might be around Sep.
    is it possible?
    i really hope its true!!!

      • totally right. its unconfirmed. but the way the organizer said it, they most probably will bring SHINee to Malaysia. Im sure SHINee will come at least once to Malaysia since Suju, their sunbaes already came twice for concerts. Not to mention, Beast, Ukiss, Wonder Girls, 4minute, JYJ etc also already came to promote here. So, keep your faith up!^^

        But actually, Im ready for the worst, in case they cant bring SHINee to Malaysia. sigh.

      • I’m Also Heard The Same Thing…I Wish Shinee Can Come To Malaysia This September…Coz They Haven Came Here…MyShawol Waiting So Long For Them …

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  4. when i linked this article and the statement of Minho, i made up a theory! You know what, the more i think about the chance of their Kr comeback, the less possible it will be. So i guest they could release a promotion song for Korea/Seoul. I don’t know since when it started, but the Korean Ministry of culture, sports and tourism releases a song to promote Seoul every year, around summer ( SEOUL song – SNSD&SUJU in 2009 and Fly to Seoul – 2PM in 2010). Thinking of they will keep the traditional, SHINee is definitely a strongest nominant for this year.
    Am I right? Am I right? Am I right?
    Anyway, there’s no sign, even a rumour about it, so it’s technically just my theory.

    • totally. 2011 is the year to visit korea but is it still possible, i mean in my mind only..for SHINee to promote Korea tourism when they’re busy with Jp promotion?but i do hope SHINee got to release song for Korea/Seoul. hahaha. greedy shawol xD

      • It’s possible. There will be nothing much for them to do. Recording a song, and lending their name… They might have to show up at some events, but it’s totally possible since Japan is close to Korea.

      • i think it’s easier for them than a comeback. They just have to film a MV. And then, with the cooperation as the article mentioned, they can show the MV + perform the song in their Asia concert. It’s cool, right?

    • Im hoping that SHINee will sing the promotion song for Korea.
      Korea has been promoting SHINee since 2009. It’s like whenever they have Korean friendship event in other countries, they’ll usually hire SHINee to perform.
      SHINee is becoming really popular nowadays and it seems that they are loved by Korean Government (or people with positions in Korea)— performing at the Blue house, tweeting about their performances and discussing things about them.
      It will be really great to see SHINee in a Seoul/Korea song.

      • when you point out, i just realised that people with positions in korea love SHINee so much.
        i really hope they got to release a song and representative Korea this year.
        they’re the strongest candidate that left so far.
        SHINee fighting!!

  5. an entertainment company in Singapore tweeted that they would bring in a group starting with S soon, and another S group at the end of the year. They will be announcing this week. Fans are speculating that it’s either Shinee or SNSD. As for Suju, they just came for SS3 and they could be bringing them in for SS4 as the second S group? I’m not really sure. I’m just hoping it’s Shinee and not SNSD!!!

  6. Wow! I’m seeing so many prospects. 😀
    I just hope the boys and their health won’t be THAT MUCH compromised.
    I seriously wish a Korean comeback next year.
    Let’s invade Asian countries this year first (:

    Thanks, Juju 😀

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