[photo] Onew Condition in Pataya

[Cr as tagged]

Onew-yah!!!! >.< what are you doing?


15 thoughts on “[photo] Onew Condition in Pataya

  1. oh my god xD
    when i read my email notification “onew condition in pataya” i immediately open this and thought it’s about his sickness in pataya, he had. i was like worried :p
    but turns out it’s the ONEW CONDITION LOL *silly me* cant help but laughing up until now xD xD this is hilarious hahaha

    our dearest adorkable leader ❤

  2. I find it quite creepy how everyone just carries on their business as per normal while he’s floating like that in the second photo…

  3. oh gosh when i think nothing this boy does will phase me anymore…he somehow finds something.
    love ondubu lol never fails to put a smile on our face…especially when i’m going through shinee withdrawal T^T

  4. OMG the two pics are soo funny but I loved the second one, lol Chansung is right besides him showing his big muscles and all and Onew is playing dead XD. Onew is the Only ONE!!!

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