[info] SHINee Debut Single on Oricon Daily Single Chart July 4

*1 14,478 Hey!Say!JUMP
*2 *8,201 KARA
*3 *5,089 L’Arc~en~Ciel
*4 YGA
*5 薫と友樹、たまにムック。
*6 ノースリーブス
*7 前田敦子
*8 AKB48
*9 Superfly
10 新選組リアン
11 チーム・アミューズ!!
12 水森かおり
13 miwa
14 T.M.Revolution
15 GReeeeN
16 AAA
17 SHINee
18 つるの剛士
19 フェロ☆メン
20 真野恵里菜
SHINee 「Replay -君は僕のeverything-」 Daily Ranking change
             06/28 *2
06/22 *2   06/29 16
06/23 *2   06/30 16
06/24 *2   07/01 11
06/25 *2   07/02 16
06/26 *4   07/03 22
06/27 *5   07/04 17
1st week *2 2nd week
[Cr to JHolic@DC Shinee Gallery]
Back to within Top 20 ^^

17 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Debut Single on Oricon Daily Single Chart July 4

  1. wow! they’re still at top 20 even in 2nd week!! this is very good!!! i mean this is just their debut single!!!
    i’m so proud of them ^[]^

    Thank you juju ❤

  2. I’m surprised they’re still in the top 20 tbh O__O This is only their debut single and it’s doing amazingly well! i hope their success continues 😀

  3. Yay for SHINee! 🙂

    Um anyway, I have seen quite a number of people talking about SHINee having a korean comeback soon, and a teaser on 6th July. I am seriously wondering why these fans still think that piece of info circulating earlier in the year is true! Goodness.. :O

    • I think people want a korean comeback so bad they will believe anything. lol. There was no source for that rumor and no korean fans or sites are talking about a comeback so I’m not sure why ppl are believing it either.

    • They still believe it even when SHINee are filming Juliette Jap. version m/v!! Btw, did you see the photo of Jonghyun and Taemin during the filming? It’s blurry, but you can see their styles. The photo is not allowed to be shared, though!

      • yeah i’ve seen the picture but i think its jonghyun and key. taemin doesn’t have blonde hair.

      • No, it looks like Key, but the one who took the photo said it’s Taemin. Fans were worried again about Taemin dying his hair too often. Or could it be lighting?

      • i saw it a few hours ago. Seems like they are using colorful concept again. I was hoping they would appear in tux, a classic scene with ball room and mask etc… (may be because i’m obsessed with the hide and seek with mask scene in BOF ^^). Anyway, i’m still looking forward, may be there’s still some upgrade things. They’re all mature now so they can make Juliet more romantic 🙂

      • Maybe later… but for now, I think they want to keep the young, fresh, and colorful look as they just debuted in Japan.

      • I understand now. Thanx for ur explaining. It’s just my inner wish. I almost first knew Shinee since the Julliet day and i love every Juliet stage performances with colorful outfits but the MV is the one i always hope they can remake it! It’s just like a dream come true for me to know that i’ll have another Juliet MV version.

      • I’ve become a fan between Lucifer and Hello. Other fans are complaining about remakes, saying why not a new single? But all this is like a gift or bonus I didn’t dream of. It’s like I’m reliving the moments!

  4. I agree with Juju, the remakes are like an unexpected second helping of a favorite dessert. I only started paying attention to SHINee in the beginning of 2011 so I for one am thrilled with the remakes and Japanese promotion cycles ^^ Having said that, though, I believe J-Shawols deserve original material too…I know they’ll get it in due time. It would be nice if EMI wraps up the remakes with Juliette – is it too much to hope for a surprise homecoming mini-album in the last quarter of the year? ^__^

    • You know some K-shawols are like “no Juliette SHINee to J-shawols” because they want to keep it to themselves, haha. A surprise homecoming mini-album sounds like a special treat that will melt me down ^^ Who knows… even though someone said a mini would come out early next year and a regular album 3 months after that. Still keeping hopes high~

  5. Even though someone said a mini would come out early next year and a regular album 3months after that—> u mean korea’s comeback?

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