[info] SHINee Debut Single Estimated Copies Sold July 1st

4 L’Arc~en~Ciel 11002枚(合計 72450枚)
5 水森かおり 2538枚
6 Superfly 1752枚(合計 8134枚)
7 miwa 1713枚(合計 11856枚)
8 前田敦子 1638枚(合計 9688枚)
9 薫と友樹、たまにムック。 1443枚(合計 6878枚)
10 真野恵里菜 1333枚(合計 7955枚)
11 SHINee 1265枚(合計 6989枚)
12 ヒルクライム 1217枚(合計 5771枚)
13 フェロ☆メン 1199枚(合計 8788枚)
14 清水翔太 940枚(合計 5204枚)
15 Base Ball Bear 935枚(合計 5288枚)
16 GARNET CROW 910枚(合計 6278枚)
17 AKB48 866枚(合計 4794枚)
18 YGA 767枚(合計 11705枚)
19 T.M.Revolution 761枚(合計 3143枚)
20 高橋優 653枚(合計 4083枚)

91419 + (Estimated) 6989 = 98408

[Source: http://star.ap.teacup.com/sazanstreet/]

This is only an estimation, and there will be “correction” before the release of the final weekly chart. Anyway, it will surely go over 100K in the second week!~~~


3 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Debut Single Estimated Copies Sold July 1st

  1. It’d be great if sales could keep being steady like this. Like someone said, most hardcore fans probably bought the album on the first or second day it came out. And hardcore overseas fans had already ordered theirs, so these must be mostly new fans.

    Excited because tomorrow is Shinee’s Music Japan performance. 🙂

  2. Im really hoping that their album will hit gold on 2nd week. That would be another great achievement. They’ll be the first kpop group who hits gold with their debut album in 2 weeks. SHINee World, i love you. Keep supporting our boys. J- Shawols, thank you, continue to spread SHINee Love in Japan 🙂

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