[info] Estimated Sales of SHINee Debut Single Until June 30

2011/ 6 / 28

2 SHINee 2198枚

2011/ 6 / 29

16 SHINee 2006枚(合計 4204枚)

2011/ 6/ 30
4 ノースリーブス 14357枚(合計 56751枚)
5 YGA 3876枚(合計 10938枚)
6 miwa 3416枚(合計 10143枚)
7 Superfly 2723枚(合計 7382枚)
8 フェロ☆メン 2595枚(合計 7589枚)
9 ヒルクライム 2300枚(合計 4454枚)
10 清水翔太 1996枚(合計 4264枚)
11 前田敦子 1920枚(合計 8050枚)
12 GARNET CROW 1834枚(合計 5368枚)
13 RESTART JAPAN with TUBE 1730枚
14 Base Ball Bear 1659枚(合計 4353枚)
15 超新星 1584枚
16 SHINee 1520枚(合計 5724枚)
17 AKB48 1514枚(合計 3928枚)
18 薫と友樹、たまにムック。 1462枚(合計 5435枚)
19 真野恵里菜 1417枚(合計 6622枚)
20 高橋優 1392枚(合計 3430枚)

Copies sold
91,419 + (estimated) 5,724 = 97,143 

[우뢰매@DC Shinee Gallery]

The source is not indicated. This is only an estimated number. SHINee’s debut single sales will hit Gold by reaching 100K in the second week. Wow~


7 thoughts on “[info] Estimated Sales of SHINee Debut Single Until June 30

  1. This is so cool. You know, I think some people get warped by seeing those huge numbers from AKB48 and Johnny’s groups like Hey!Say!Jump! and Arashi. People need to know that huge numbers like those are not normal. The boys are doing better than some people who are popular in Japan and have been for a while.

    Like all last week they were beating Dir En Grey’s new release. It’s just really cool~

  2. Jujugal, since you changed the date and record from 6/22 onwards and not 6/21, the singles that were sold from 6/28 counted towards their first week and not their second week right? I don’t think you’re suppose to add the numbers from last week to this week. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just curious and I wax wondering if it was an error.

    • The second week starts to record sales from 6/29 to 7/05 only right? I was just curious as to why you added 6/28 in there when those were the sales of last week.

      This was adding to my last post ^^

      • Opps, I forgot to add that the two days sales would equal up to be 3,526 not 5,724. This is excluding the sales from 6/28. The sales from 6/28 have already been added as far as I know.

        That means the total copies they sold so far would be 94,949. They still have 5 days to reach 100k and get gold ^^

      • These dates are confusing, aren’t they?! The guy whose ranking data I’m posting is very familiar with Japanese music world. According to the ranking change chart he made, the first week is from 22 June to 27 June. And the second week starts from 28 June. The confusion is caused because there are two dates: the date the chart comes out and the date the actual album sales are made. On this estimated number of sales, we should add all the three day estimated sales. Sorry for this confusion.

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