[TV] SM Town Live in Paris Backstage SHINee Cut

Cut Cr to 새싹@DC Shinee Gallery | Trans and sub by jujugal

– It’s SHINee cut, so you can find SHINee members at every scene, sometimes in the background or even in the sound. It’s hard to see Onew 😦 More TaeKey and Minho. Jonghyun at the end. Our boys’ precious yell time, “Ultra SHINee Transformation!”


7 thoughts on “[TV] SM Town Live in Paris Backstage SHINee Cut

  1. LOL at talkative Taemin. >.<;; Rice is very essential in a meal~! HAHA
    "1,2 1,2,3,4 Uriga kanda Ultra SHINee byeonshin~!!!!" *O*
    At the end, Key and Onew hugged by Lee SooMan seonsaengnim.^^

    Juju~ Thank you for sharing this~^^
    We very much appreciate all your hard work~ ❤
    Thank You Thank You so much~~

    • I think LSM really likes Onew. I will forever be grateful to him for choosing Onew from the SM Academy Casting. He truly believed in his potential back in 2006, even making him the leader, though 3 other boys/trainees were already chosen to be part of SHINee.

      • hahaha. This only proves that Onew is SHINee’s resident Ahjusshi whore since ever. No wonder Lee Soo Man likes him. 😀

      • Yeah~ I agree with you.. Really thankful that LSM believed and still believes in Lee Jinki~
        And I mean, who wouldn’t like Onew~? HAHA He’s just someone that you can’t not like… He’s just very… likeable~ : ) hehe

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! when Taemin mentions he has to eat rice or it feels like he hasn’t eaten he reminds me of my mom!!
    my mom always HAS to eat rice everyday or she won’t feel like she ate either! we’re bengali, i think it’s just an asian thing!!

    • my mom also like that. if i dont eat rice she will nag to me that i will not gain energy for whole day. and it feel like something missing if we dont eat rice^^

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