[news] SM Stock Price Going Up Three Days in a Row

SM Entertainment’s stock price is increasing for three days in a row.

Currently at 9:41 a.m., 1 July, SM stocks are being traded at 24,650 Won, 4.45% up from the previous day. SM stocks have been showing an upward turn except July 28th since June 24th.

The recent strength of SM stocks is attributed to the fact SHINee’s debut single is selling well.

SHINee sold 91,000 copies of their debut single in the first week. This is the best record made by Korean singers who ventured into Japan.

People in the stock street forecast that SM will continue to make good sales with the diversification of their artists in Japan.

[By ybsteel@segyefn.com http://fn.segye.com/articles/article.asp?aid=20110701000918&cid=0503010000000]

SM stock price went up to 24,700 Won, reaching a record high for the past 52 weeks.

Currently at 10 a.m., 1 July, SM stocks are being traded at 24,350 Won, 750 Won (3.18%) up from the previous day.

SM stocks have shown an upward turn since June 24th except for the 28th when they remained steady. The increase amounts to 29%.

[from Asia Economy http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2011070109585816815]

This is crazy! 29% up for the past week 0_0


17 thoughts on “[news] SM Stock Price Going Up Three Days in a Row

  1. SHINee’s kicking butt still…. Someone won’t be commenting here (LOL) since this is positive news about them (sorry i’m in a crappy mood & nit picky today so I’m noticing the strangest things).

    But really happy with the investment world’s acknowledgement of SHINee as a gold chip for SM’s portfolio.

  2. dear SM, you should treat our boys well because they are bringing “gold” for you^^ SHINee DAEBAK!!!!

  3. DAEBAEK! SHINee is truly shining on everyone and everything!
    Honestly, if this doesn’t alert SM that SHINee is a group to be reckon with and thus needs to be taken care of then nothing will!

    SM take this as a wake up call. treat them better

  4. wow!
    that’s allooooottt of increasing for just 1 week!
    even my friends who playing stock, said that 29% increasing is a lot for 1 week.

  5. People keep bringing it up so I thought I should comment on the perception that SM does not treat SHINee well. As a long-term fan, I disagree. The only time I felt that was when Boa released her album 2wks after SHINee & even then, I felt I was wrong bec the timing only became a problem bec the SHINee comeback was delayed by Minho’s injury. SM just have so many artists that comebacks are so close to each other. This will happen again this 2nd half of the year.

    SM’s always given SHINee good material from Replay to Lucifer, which I thought was the best song YYJ produced in 2010 (yet was given to them instead of other SM acts). They gave the boys laptops etc even before the Lucifer comeback to thank them for their hard work – a testament they knew it was going to be a hit. Their van is so much more luxurious now & they have about 3 mgrs (for 5 boys). SM Town showcases SHINee as much (look at amount of songs & collabs they have) as their sunbaes.

    • oh i definitely agree that SM doesn’t treat their artists as badly as some articles make them out to be. I just sometimes feel like the boys are sometimes overshadowed by SNSD and Suju and DBSK, which i will argue and admit that it is with good reason.

      It’s just that SNSD are almost reaching 5 years, and so are SHINee, and like all fans i think, i too am also worried about contracts and things like that. With such success, SM is for sure to notice, and I am hoping that because of said success, that when the time comes for the boys to renew their contracts, they’ll be able to come to amicable terms and keep them as SHINee 5 =).

      • One thing to add, there is this sunbae-hoobae hierarchy in Korea. If BoA is in a show, she will be the one who finishes it always. Something like that. What’s interesting is every SM group fandom is not satisfied with SM and complains they are not treating their stars well. Someone else’s cake looks always better. 🙂
        Well, this year DBSK Yoonho has said he wants Daesang, SNSD Tiffany recently said she wants it, and of course SuJu want it too as Lee Teuk has to go to serve the army soon. A bloody war is coming in the 2nd half of the year. I’m kinda relieved SHINee is not releasing an album due to the delayed schedules after the earthquake. It’s better to have an album released in the first half of next year. Well, it’s not certain yet, and suddenly we may hear news SHInee are releasing an album.
        Anyway, (I digressed too much, haha), my point is it’s only a start for SHINee whereas with other groups the best they can do is maintaining their current position. It’s sensitive, so I can’t speak out what I think. I have confidence SHINee will make it big in the next two years.

      • They debuted a year apart so SNSD is pretty senior to them in a hierarchical society like KR. Besides, it isn’t a competition; they appeal to different audiences. I cannot imagine ahjussis cheering for the boys – eeeeps, creepy!

        I think SM artists already renewed their contracts (pre Lucifer, I think). Someone posted the artists share from various activities. if true, they are better off in JP & doing concerts in and out of KR bec their share is biggest for concerts & overseas activities. EMI probably gave them a good contract (they restructured based on SHINee so they are serious) so SM chose them over Avex. The only variable is album sales so it is now up to SHInee winning JP over and us fans buying their album. It is up to us to make it happen. : )

      • I saw somewhere the share from overseas activities including JP is 9 (artist) :1 (company). This is big, you know, even considering some money will go to the Japanese management too. So if SHINee do well in JP, most of it will go to the boys themselves.

      • regarding the bloody war juju mentioned, i think Shinee should avoid it. Minho already said they won’t comeback untill the end of this year and with the delayed schedule 1 to 2 months because of the earthquake i think they should comeback as soon as the begining of next month. With that tragedy, they will bombard the industry from the begining and make 2012 be their year … well that’s what i hope ^^
        Although i will miss them a lot but yeah, i hope they’ll focus on oversea activities and may be some individual activies too untill the end of the year. If they keep doing better and better in Jp, they might have a chance to appear on the Jp year end show (i fogot the name), it will be daebak too 🙂

      • I agree. Most people might think that SHINee is just so scared to delay their comebacks up to early next year but seriously, nobody wants to go against their sunbaes for a Team Kill. Plus, what about the groups that made their comebacks early this year, it’s more rational to call them cowards than SHINee.

        I think that DBSK, SJ and SNSD’s time is passing. SHINee’s time will be 2012. I can feel it (:

        Thanks, Juju ❤

      • when I express hope that SM will treat them right I’m usually thinking in terms of contract terms & things where their emotional & physical well being is conserned since those tend to be main sticking points when contract disputes come up but w/ that said I’m almost always pleased w/ how SM handles shinee as far as their image,music & promos goes, I never feel their stuff is half-assed.

        I’m glad am not the only one that feels it best if Shinee wait until next yr for a Korean comeback. The boys have expressed many times they want a daesang but the chance of that this yr doesn’t seem that good, besides their company sunbaes theirs a lot of compition

    • arrgh…comment sent too early. what I wanted to say is beside their sunbaes theirs also bands like Big Bang in their way. Their Jp promos could benefit from an extended stay in the country too.

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