[info] SHINee To Film Music Japan on August 1st

[Source: https://pid.nhk.or.jp/event/PPG0111261/index.html]

[Source: http://www.nhk.or.jp/mj/]

This is SHINee’s appearance on Music Japan for July 3rd. So another filming schedule for August 1st? Again to promote Replay one month after the first appearance?


18 thoughts on “[info] SHINee To Film Music Japan on August 1st

  1. Oh, really? To be on the same show again, I feel like they will be filming for whatever their next single is then. Because who knows when it will actually air.

    This is just my assumption. What makes sense to me~

    On a sidenote, I got my Replay today. I got Onew’s photocard. A little disappointed because I wanted Jonghyun, but it’s okay! Hehe

      • Maybe! Do people usually sing songs they aren’t actively promoting on Music Japan?

        If I had got Taemin’s I totally would have traded with you. Least I could do since you do all this for us, but alas I got Onew lol

      • B-sides (or album cuts) are rarely promoted like that on TV in Japan unless you’re super super famous. The single wasn’t promoted as a double-A side, so it doesn’t seem likely that Shinee would be able to perform Hello….

  2. from what I’ve heard artist only promote their song once on music programs so that means they’d have to be doing a new song but to think they’ll move on to a new single so quick…is that normal practice for Japanese single promotion?… rly need to up my knowledge on how things work in the Japanese music scene….

    • I think Aug 1st is a little early bit but mid or end of Aug is about time for next single. If you recall SNSD, KARA and even B2ST all release their follow up single just a month or so after their debut one.

    • It is possible to see a new single out in August, but I highly doubt it’ll be the first week of August. In Japan you usually get a month’s notice before a new release. I’m not that familiar with Music Japan since it is relatively new, but the segments are probably pre-precorded and not live, which means the show could be aired after the single comes out.

      For example, Koda Kumi will also be on the August 1st recording, but her single does not come out until August 10th. Big names like Koda Kumi sometimes can perform before the single is actually released, but most performances occur the week of release and sometimes the week after. Big names can also perform more than once. It just really depends on the competition.

      To make a long comment short, yes it is plausible that they will have a new single out mid-to-late August, but I don’t see one coming out in July.

      • Hmm…so it’s possible that they appear in Music Japan to promote a new single then. In July they have the premium reception tour for Replay in 5 cities, so I don’t think they will release a single in July. But even early August seems kinda early, but I’m not familiar with Japanese music industry. I wonder how often SNSD had their singles released.

      • i don’t remember exactly but just take a look how often they release singles/album in Jp:
        SNSD: late Aug 2010: Genie (debut) – Begin of Oct 2010: Gee – Feb 2011: RDR (digital single) – Apr 28th 2011: MrTaxi-RDR – June 1st 2011: 1st album GG
        KARA: begin/mid Aug 2010: Mister (debut) – late Sept/beginOct 2010: DVD Kare best clips – late Oct/begin Nov 2010: Jumping – mid March 2011: Jet Coaster Love – June 29th 2011: Go Go Summer
        That’s what i remember so far

      • With the quick help of a kanji dictionary it seems like this is a special program where they are gonna “relive”(the best word I could come up with) the recent hits on the charts with live performances of the popular artists. The katakana says “hit chart”, “artist”, “pops & rock live”.

        August 1 might be a little too early for a new single. Maybe an announcement mid- or late august for the new single. Like someone said before, releases are announced about a month ahead in Japan.

        They might as well surprise us and perform the new single too, but it’s more likely that they’re only gonna perform Replay.

      • thang, are you talking about “賑わす”? That means “to enliven.” What makes me wonder if its not Replay is that all the other 8/1 taping attendees have announced a new single coming out in August minus the 48 groups. For the last similar show, everyone had a new single out as well. I don’t think the show is for replaying old hits, but to have them release something in even late august would be a fast turn around. It could be replay, maybe an early taping due to their schedule as they did with Happy Music . . . exciting though.

      • @SMS: Yeah I agree. It would be surprising if EMI have a new single planned as soon as august seeing that their last premium reception will be held mid-august. Aaah! So many questions and no one able to answer them! You don’t happen to know anything? Haha!

        [EDIT] I found this on SHINee’s Japanese home page:



        下記URL「MUSIC JAPAN」ホームページの「番組観覧」をクリックして下さい。

        Anyone able to translate this?

      • This is a notice for those of fans who want to go to watch SHINee filming Music Japan on August 1st. Not applicable to international shawols :\

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