[info] Onew & Minho Back to MC Music Core

72일 (토) MBC 쇼! 음악중심에 MC ONEW & Min Ho 가 출연합니다.

MC Onew & Minho will be back to MBC Show! Music Core on 2 July (Sat).

[SHINee homepage notice: http://shinee.smtown.com/pages/_common/board/View.asp?Page=1&ListLine=15&PagingSize=10&ArticleNo=3123047&BNo=101&LangNo=1]

Last week, there was a broadcasting incident during FT Island’s performance (a mistake made by T-ara Jiyeon This might cause a misunderstanding, so I deleted it. The production team issued an apology that it was 100% their mistake). I think the production team will be glad to have Onew and Minho back.


6 thoughts on “[info] Onew & Minho Back to MC Music Core

  1. LOL what? That comment…… It’s not like Onew and Minho haven’t made mistakes before. I’m going to pretend you meant that the production crew will be glad that OnHo is back just because they missed them, and not because of someone else’s mistake.

    • It wasn’t Jiyeon’s mistake though… she was just practising her lines and the production crew turned her mic on while FT Island was performing.

      • srsly? I believed that she though that the performance was over so she started her mc speech, right?

    • Ely, Juju is just informing us about what happened with Jiyeon’s MCing last week.
      Nothing more. Please don’t misunderstand.

      Anyways, the production crew would surely be glad that OnHo is back.
      K-Shawols might be celebrating now. hahaha

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