[news] SM Stock Price 4% Up with SHINee’s Debut Single Selling Well

SM Entertainment’s stock price is increasing again a day after being steady.

The stock price is on the rise as the chances SHINee will follow DBSK are high as their debut single is selling well.

Currently at 1:08 p.m., 29 June, SM’s stocks are being traded at 22,450 Won, 3,94% (850 Won) up from the previous day.

Lee Sangheon, High Investment Securities researcher, analyzed, “91,000 copies of SHINee’s debut single Replay, released on 22 June, were sold in the first week, and it was placed 2nd on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart. This is the best record in the category of Korean groups’ debut single.”

He added SM’s sales are expected to increase thanks to the diversification of SM’s singer portpolio.

[from Newspim http://www.newspim.com/view.jsp?newsId=20110629000314]

Trans by jujugal



10 thoughts on “[news] SM Stock Price 4% Up with SHINee’s Debut Single Selling Well

  1. i get so scared every time i overestimate our boys sales…but then facts like this come up and i am proven wrong at how well the boys are doing!

    i hate comparing the boys to DBSK, because they are simply two different groups with goals and different styles. but at the same time, to be able to have articles say that SHINee are on their way to matching DBSK, who are idol kpop legends… it just shows how truly hard working the boys are.

    SM. please let this be a wake up call to you, and realize that you are doing this well BECAUSE of your artists…and please treat them better.

  2. Hey Juju how do we know for sure that the reason for the stock rise is because of shinee’s debut? Like has SM’s stock not changed much over this year at all, so this change more notable?

    • As stated in the article, this is Lee Sangheon, High Investment Securities researcher, analysis. He is an expert in stocks, thus what he stated above is based on his research, based on facts and data gathered. He didn’t state why he come up with such conclusion, but I think your theory is one of those reasons.

    • Oh, you haven’t read other articles on the recent SM stock price increase, which I translated? Search “sm entertainment” on my blog. Here’s the part from the previous article: “SM’s stock price was 10% down due to a slump in the first quarter sales on 17 May and then rebounded to go over 20,000 Won on 24 June.” It was down and then started to rebound right after the news SHINee’s debut single sold over 50K. 🙂

      • ah, thanks! but didnt SNSD’s album sell alot too? why didn’t that save SM’s stock?

    • arama. SM Ent’s stocks went up as well in May after the release of the first album but and that was credited to them and the expected JP debut for SHINee. There was an article on this back in May in KR news sites too. Then stocks went up again after the SM Town Paris lives & expected JP debut.

      The reasons why the recent increases in SM stocks is remarkable and attributed to SHINee a lot by investors are:
      – it happened after the Abbey Road performance and again, after Jun 22 release
      – no one else in SM Town have special activities after SM Town Paris
      – the increase in stock price at >6% after Jun 19 was the highest for the year for SM. This is on top of the higher stock price brought on by SNSD and SM Town Paris.
      – The recent increase by 4% after Jun 22nd is again on top of previous stock prices.

      Before London and their JP debut, SM stock price was around 19,000. In 2 weeks, it’s gone up to 22,450 because of SHINee activities. Investors are speculating stocks could go up as high as 30k this year due to SM Town Live at Tokyo Dome in Sept, SNSD & SHINee’s activities in JP and DBSK’s new release in July.

      • dammn, thanks so much for all the info..it really gave me some perspective/cleared things up. How much did SNSD well in their first week for their album? I’m asking this cuz if they both sold around the same amount why is Shinee’s stock increase higher than snsd’s? And do you have a link to the source where you posted all the numbers above? 😀

      • I also think SNSD doing well is nothing new. It’s now expected. But people were not sure how well SHINee, SME’s younger junior group, would do in Japan. When they proved they would follow DBSK, people felt they could invest for the future of SME, believing SME’s stock price will continue to increase.

    • Just follow juju’s tip on how to search for it on this site. Or go to naver itself and search for stories on sm ent stock prices. All related articles will be listed. It is in Hangul though.

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