[news] SHINee Maypole Artwork T-Shirts Sold Out

SHINee’s artwork t-shirts have been sold out one week after casual brand Maypole released them.

The items were designed by SHINee members in the theme of a holiday they want to have and released in the market as a limited edition.

The t-shirt has been a hot item for SHINee fans as it includes each member’s autograph and comes with each member’s large-size bromide poster.

According to a source in Maypole, there are even customers who came to buy the t-shirts from afar. He said, “Some fans purchase not only their favorite member’s t-shirt but also all the other members’.

Although the artwork t-shirts are released in an limited edition, Maypole have decided to extend the sales by receiving online reservations until the end of June.

They plan to gain more new young customers through SHINee as they release the second limited edition aimed at the month of September when SHINee’s full-scale Japanese activities will begin.

[from bnt news http://news.nate.com/view/20110628n29598]

I heard Japanese fans come to buy the artwork t-shirts in bulk. And I don’t know what they mean by the last sentence. Does it mean they will release the next single? Or is this inaccurate information?


8 thoughts on “[news] SHINee Maypole Artwork T-Shirts Sold Out

  1. hm i think the full scale promotional activities mean their upcoming tour around Japan. it seems like a good guess since lots of Shawols will probably be at those tours and wearing those shirts would be awesome ^^

    • I’m looking at the dates, and there’s no tour date in September. There’s 4 dates in July and 2 in August. This article has to be talking about something else. Maybe they will release “Juliette” in September and promote that? I remember the tweet from that producer saying he was mastering the final cut of Japanese “Juliette”.

  2. Hi Jujugal, I was really happy to hear that one can order the Tshirts online. But I checked the Maypole website and I cannot find where to order the shirts. I hope you can point me in the right direction. 🙂 Thanks.

    I really, really like Maypole’s activities with SHINee. This SHINee designed Tshirt is a brilliant idea and I am glad they plan to release other themes too.

    • I’m sorry. I checked the news article again, and actually it was just “reservations”, not “online reservations.” It was my mistake. Even though they receive online reservations, overseas shipping won’t be available because of the difficulty of shipping the big size bromide poster. Too bad…

      • Don’t worry about it. : ) will ask a friend to try and get for me. Thanks

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