[news] SM Stock Price Continues to Rise with SHINee Effect

SM Entertainment’s stock price has been increasing for two days in a row as idol group SHINee’s venture into Japan is expected to be successful.

Currently at 11 a.m., 27 June, SM’s stocks are being traded at 21,250 Won, 1,100 Won (5.46%) up from the previous day (20,150 Won). SM’s stock price was 10% down due to its slump in the first quarter sales on 17 May and then rebounded to go over 20,000 Won on 24 June.

Lee Sungheon, High Investment Securities researcher, explained, “The New Korean Wave led by Kpop has been proved to be competitive enough to advance not only to Asia, including Japan, but also to the world stage. The Korean Wave is not a temporary event, but is expanding to the world as a trendy growing industry.”

He added, “It is on the rise because of Kpop’s possibility to grow as the center of the New Korean Wave. SM’s chance to improve their sales in the latter half of the year and next year is higher than any time thanks to the diversity of SM’s singer portfolio, including SHINee’s successful debut in Japan.”

[from newsis.cm http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=101&oid=003&aid=0003931957]

– Trans by jujugal


5 thoughts on “[news] SM Stock Price Continues to Rise with SHINee Effect

  1. Ohhh yea~!! I wonder what those people who kept saying “SHINee doesn’t bring in anything for SM” are now saying….lol~ well very happy that the boys are being given some credit for this! 🙂 I hope it keeps rising haha XD

  2. i am SO proud of the boys! we’ve always heard and read articles of suju dbsk and snsd being the central money maker in SM. and I can’t deny that they are very talented and incredible groups on their own. but im glad now that it’s time for our boys to shine!

    i’ve always felt that SM doesn’t pay enough attention to SHINee. especially under suju dbsk and snsd’s shadows. but shinee is coming out, and hopefully because of this, SM will give our boys more attention! but hopefully they’ll have time to rest through all this

  3. Heck yeah! I love the amount of respect the business community’s been giving SHINee. For them to actually cite SHINee as a key driver of SM’s portfolio boost gives me immense satisfaction. SHINee’s always been a hitmaker. But now, the investors have also just certified SHINee as SM’s money maker.

  4. hope this alarm SM that SHINee could bring profit to them & not just paying attention to snsd,dbsk & suju.

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