[news] Singers’ Vocal Trainer Cho Wants SHINee Jonghyun

Cho Hongkyung is a vocal trainer in Star King’s “The Vocal King of Miracle,” a project corner to cure the tone-deaf. He also trained Mnet Super Star K 2 top ten contestants and most recently MBC TV “Great Birth” top 3 contestants. Seo Inyoung, VOS, SG Wannabe’s Kim Jinho and Lee Seokhun, Yangpa, and Lee Kichan also received a vocal lesson from him. …

He counted SHINee’s Jonghyun as the singer he wants to train most. He praised Jonghyun saying, “I even want to train him personally. I think Jonghyun could develop his voice more, but he doesn’t seem to know it. If he tries harder, he will be able to make diverse voices.”

[from Newsis http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=003&aid=0003931456]

It’s a good thing that an experienced vocal trainer recognizes Jonghyun’s potential as a vocalist!


16 thoughts on “[news] Singers’ Vocal Trainer Cho Wants SHINee Jonghyun

  1. I know there are people who aren’t very fond of jjong’s voice, I guess you either love it or hate it. But jjong has always gotten these kinds of compliments from professionals in the field. And I am very proud of that 🙂 I also think he has more potential, even though I don’t really know much about singing myself. I remember I forced a few of my friends (who are currently being trained) to hear jjong signing and the 1st thing they said “you can feel the depth of emotions he puts in his singing”. Really proud of him. I hope to also see Onew getting praised more because he has the most calming voice ever! And can we please get another Hyunew duet?! I’ve been waiting forever, they sound the best singing together. It’s like water and fire, but somehow they get along! haha

    Sorry for this really long comment guys ^^;;

    • actually Jjong and Onew already had a duet, it’s “Please, don’t go ” in Romeo mini album^^ This’s one of my favourite song, Jjong’s strong voice blends very well with Onew’s soft voice

    • I recommend you to listen to this cover that Onew & Jonghyun did. It’s beautiful.

      I want to hear them sing these types of songs more often. Their voices are absolutely amazing in this genre. I hope in their next album there would be a duet song for them.

      • Thank you! I have actually already listened to that, it’s been played about 400 times on my iTunes/touch XDD It’s my favorite duet by them, just completely heartbreaking every time I listen to it ;__; And yes, I am crossing fingers for another Hyunew duet soon, very soon please!

      • I cried after listening to this song TT_TT so beautiful.
        here’s another duet that i like “So sick”

        LOL at Taemin’s face when Jjong’s voice cracked^^

    • yeah I think one of jjong’s strengths is that he’s very emotive when he sings. I remember listening to ‘hey ya’ for the first time, and thinking that the chorus was very moving. And in interviews, he would always mention that he tries his best to feel the lyrics. You can tell that he really enjoys making music, and even though he’s an idol, I always felt that he was only interested in the musical aspect of their job. I really hope SM gives him the chance to showcase songs he’s written one day because he’s mentioned several times that he wants to be a composer in the future.

      • Me too. I was surprised when I heard he wrote on Juliette and it was the title song. It’d be cool if he had a hand in writing their next title song, or one in the future. He could do it really well as evidenced from other songs he’s written and helped write on the Lucifer album.

  2. awww I am really happy he wants our Jjongie!! Thats soo good!! Puppy has a beautiful voice and there is always room for improvement ^^!!! our shining boys are always improving Thats one of the things that I love the most about them n.n!!!!

  3. YEAAAA ~ i totally agree 😉
    Jjong has a VERY DEEP voice could melt all the listeners hearts ~
    Btw, if i’m not wrong, this is not the 1st time his potential is recognized right~! i’m so PROUD abt it 😡 ~

    Juju, i appreciate all ur posts & thanks for hard working *hug*

  4. I agree with his comment! I think jjong is very talented but he needs a bit more help on how to control his voice.

  5. it’s good to hear the professional recognised his singing ability.
    jjong will be honoured to hear this news.
    his dream of becoming a composer/musician is not a dream anymore. it could be achieved one day. 😉

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  7. I know quite a bit about singing and music is my passion. I used to sing in choir myself before my health got worse.

    Jonghyun definitely has a very unique voice and this makes it all the more special. He knows how to use it but I think with a little bit of more practise he can be perfect. I’ve listened to the performances of SHINee when they debuted (I’ve been in the KPOP fandom before SHINee debuted) and I think they all improved so much!

    Some singers manage to surprise me in Kpop. I’ve always thought Kyuhyun would not be able to reach high notes until his “Immortal Song 2 – Masquerade” performance XD If SM would just encourage/promote Jonghyun more, he could be the best, I’m sure!! Sadly, he doesn’t seem to be popular compared to the other members. This makes me a bit sad. Kyuhyun was promoted after his accident, especially in the Sorry Sorry and Mr.Simple album. While Yesung is still a bit behind in terms of popularity, he sings a lot of OSTs… Maybe Jonghyun could try this too? I would love to hear his voice more.

    Jonghyun fighting! Don’t lose your passion for music and try to be more active/practise!

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