[me2day] Taemin & Key from Japan 110627

[Key] 일본 입니다 ~~~:-) 열심히 하고 돌아가겠습니다. 태민군하고 안부 전해요 ‘_’

From Japan~~~:-) We’ll work hard and come back. Saying hi with Taemin-goon ‘_’

이거는 보너스! ㅋㅋ

This is a bonus! ㅋㅋ

If you want to leave a reply, go to http://me2day.net/shineeshinee.


6 thoughts on “[me2day] Taemin & Key from Japan 110627

  1. Taemin I see you being more active on Me2Days! Can you guys also please reply UFOs like troll jjong and also sometimes Onew? Haha…they look adorable, Key I love that you profess your love for gaga as many chances as you get ❤

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