[info] SHINee Debut Single on Oricon Chart 110626

*1 8,695 前田敦子
*2 4,035 AAA
*3 3,933 薫と友樹、たまにムック。
*4 SHINee
*5 T.M.Revolution
*6 AKB48
*7 GReeeeN
10 新撰組リアン
  前田敦子 SHINee

火 102,483  50,270
水 *28,571  18,415
木 *14,201  *7,408
金 *10,104  *4,912
土 **8,695  **,***
日 ***,***  **,***
合 164,054  81,005+??
週 ***,***  **,***
[Cr to JHolic@DC Shinee Gallery]
The weekly comes out on Tuesday. I’m hoping for 90K.

8 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Debut Single on Oricon Chart 110626

  1. I don’t think they will get to 90k unfortunately. The figure for today is less than 3,933 and tomorrow’s will probably be even lower than today’s. That’s all that will be counted before the weekly chart comes out. It will get close to 90k, but not quite.

    Of course, I hope I am COMPLETELY wrong!!! lol. Just trying to look at it realistically~

    No matter what they have done extremely well and have broken the record for korean debut by about 20k sold. There should be many articles and buzz about it! 😀

    • I hear that there is some kind of “correction” for the weekly record. Some say it’s adding the overseas sales. With that correction, I’m hoping they will reach 90K.

      • Oh, really? I thought overseas were already added in. Well, if that’s true that should give them a bump. Will take info that with a grain of salt 🙂

      • I think those fans may be right. As far as I know, YesAsia submits their figures weekly, so let’s see how much that helps. When I emailed HMV before, they said they can’t disclose to me when they submit it, so if they don’t do it on a daily basis, I hope they do it weekly because I know a lot of fans bought from HMV. All the best for the boys, either way I am already so very proud of them!

  2. awehh i wish them the best of luck for tomorrow. maybe a miracle will happen, you never know 😀 *fingers crossed* but whatever happens, i’m soo fucking proud of them all 😀

  3. it’s unfortunate oricon only shows the daily amounts sold for the top 3 I really would like to know how much Shinee sold. In any case it doesn’t look like they can reach 90k now but that’s ok i think, they’re already doing super well w/ what they got!

    I do hope they’ll stay w/in the top 10 of the charts for a little while tho…

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