[TV] SHINee Performs Replay at MTV VMAJ in Tokyo

I just wanted to have a blink of sleep, and my alarm failed to wake me up 😦 Well, we had Replay full version. I’m still disappointed with the sound system. Why is there echo? The mic seemed not working in some parts. And the cameraman… he cut Taemin’s solo part (huh!) and didn’t catch Onew’s part “you are my mvp~”, only a brief close-up of Minho during his rap part. Anyway, their singing and dance was awesome!

We’ve seen SHINee’s evolution into their Lucifer days-more spectacular in looks and performance. They are doing well, but I feel like, they can show more, and I want to see it! They WILL later when they make their names known. I’ll be patient…

Edit: I changed the link to a better quality one. Hope we’ll get a real HD clip soon.

Edit: OK, I found an HD version and uploaded it. With the HD version, I feel more frustrated with the camerawork. Why does the camera get out of focus so often?? It wasn’t like this at other performances. Suddenly an amateur seems to be shooting a fancam. Well, as a shawol, we have had a lot better fancams.


25 thoughts on “[TV] SHINee Performs Replay at MTV VMAJ in Tokyo

  1. I feel the same way, Juju. I don’t want to compare but I saw the SNSD perf and they’ve received a lot of cheers. It felt like SHINee deserves the same thing but then to reality, we’re back to square one. Patience is again a must.

    Thank you again, Juju 😀

    • I watched SNSD’s too, but it seems that they didn’t get as loud cheers as I expected. It was like the audience was just watching and there’s no interactions between the performers and the audience?

      • Are Japanese fans usually louder than that? Because it feels off not having any fan chant or something even for SNSD.

        I watched their video again and your were right, Juju. The people were probably just stunned by SHINee’s perfection and held them speechless. XD

        Sorry for being a pain in the butt about it. ^^

      • The Japanese audience is very polite. They don’t scream as much as the Korean audience, but instead they’ll watch quietly and then when the performance is over they’ll cheer and clap. It’s not that they “don’t care”, but they are just focused on the performance 🙂 Fan chants are not very common in Japan.

  2. maybe because SNSD debuted earlier than SHINee so they have more cheers…i have to admit that their performance is less powerful, maybe because of the song but next time when they release Juliette, I hope their performance will be more powerful
    thanks jujugal for posting this^^

    • It’s just the difference in songs. SNSD’s were both upbeat and dancey, so the audience could dance along with them. Shinee’s is more gentle and soothing so the audience were more polite and attentive.

  3. Really? I watched both and thought SHINee got the louder cheers, but maybe the volume on their video was just louder in general??

    I think the sound system has a lot to do with it – even with the volume turned up, I still had to strain a little to hear them over the backing track. So either the backing track was too loud or their mics weren’t loud enough, I don’t know, but something seemed a little off.

    Plus this is only their 3rd(?) performance of the Japanese version so I’m sure they’re still a bit nervous and whatnot. Anyway, things can only get better!

    • I thought they got the loudest screams, too. Well, at least up until their performance. I didn’t watch after that, lol.

  4. I’M SO CONFUSED!!! When the MVP part came on, who sang it? Cause I’ve listened to that part a bunch of times, and the screen shows Key being filmed, but whose voice is it? Usually I can tell whose voice is whose, but to me it sounds like an Onkey mix…maybe it’s cause I see Key but I’m supposed to hear Onew. Someone help me 😛

    • I think Key just backs it up – there are several layers of vocals throughout the song. Onew still sings it and his is still the main voice.

    • yes it’s OnKey mix because I heard Onew’s voice too, just because the camera focused on Key so it’s a little confused for us. And i don’t know why they made Key sing that line with Onew, it’s Onew’s “trademark” line

    • I just watched the MV and there’s a slight echoey bit when Onew sings it, which sounds like a soft sub-layer of vocals, so I think it’s probably meant to be like that. Maybe it’s just because the camera’s never strayed from Onew when he sings that line before so we’ve never noticed?? Or I could be completely wrong.

    • It’s Onew’s part, but I think Onew’s mic didn’t work very well (even in the beginning we can notice it). So in this particular part, Onew’s voice didn’t sound big enough… But it’s Onew’s part.

    • same goes to the Yeah4x part…
      It’s supposed to be Jonghyun’s part, but then again, cameraman caught wrong person.
      He’s filming Onew…

    • (: Thanks everyone! I guess I’m just used to seeing Onew at that part, and also used to the camerawork at the Korean shows. Onkey face/voice mix up confuses this Shawol’s mind xD

  5. Hey Juju! Look at this! SHINee with AKB48 (I think…lol) They look so cutie in here. 🙂


    • yeah, i saw this too, i wonder how SHINee thought when they saw Japanese idols in lolita costumes^^

  6. Is it just me, because when Replay first starts I swear I can hear the audience screams and chanting Shinee, Shinee, Shinee~

    The boys did well! Hopefully this appearance can bump their sales even a little bit. This event was fun. 🙂

  7. The camerawork was pretty shoddy. Several times the focus was NOT on the person singing, thus the confusion on “MVP” part and other parts, possibly because the song (in Japanese) has been out only for 3 days so people are not familiar with the song/dance yet.

    I thought the audience was pretty receptive when they were introduced (same at the red carpet). Replay is just not the type of song where the audience can cheer unlike the usual SMP(RDD, Lucifer).

    • mte. Replay is a lot more laid back in feeling then stuff like Lucifer or Mr.Taxi & unlike Kor fans who usually scream throughout any song no matter the type it is (even ballads) Jp audience seem more likely to adjust depending on the nature & feeling of the song :3

  8. I was pretty pleased w/ their performance personally. yes their was the echo & the mics seem to act up in some parts but overall I think their live singing could be heard pretty clearly, imo they pretty much preformed to their usual good standards. The feeling was more tense here then usual but that’s understandable since this is only their 3rd or so time doing this ver of Replay. In a sense they’re reliving their ’08 debut days w/ the pressure of prove themselves in front of a unfamiliar public hanging over them once again (preforming alongside seasoned Japanese act & world stars like gaga probably didn’t help either ^^;)

    They’ll ease into things eventually we just have to give them time to get comfortable preforming in front of the Jp’s ppl & comfortable singing in a language that’s not originally their own :3

  9. I was lucky enough to watch it on my MTV channel on TV, but the quality was not good at all! It’s blurry and there’re echoes in the audio exactly like that vid. I was very disappointed :/
    And worst cameraman I’ve ever seen!
    But our boys were doing very good ^^ I could sense their nervousness at the beginning (did Jonghyun made a small mistake after Onew’s everything line?) but they quickly regained themselves to shine as ever

  10. If the crowd wasn’t as loud as what we’re used to, we should remember that the audience is “diluted” with not just a lot of non-shawols, but also people who may not (yet?) be into kpop. Like, at mubank or gayo daejun, even if you’re not a shawol you may be cheering along because the song is familiar and the whole audience gets into it.
    I didn’t watch it but I thought they were super popular on the red carpet? So there were a lot of shawols in attendance over there, but probably a lot of them couldn’t gain entrance into the show itself.
    And also the fact that it’s a more formal music show (vs mubank etc.) keeps fans from screaming so much.

    Though tbh, I think there was a good amount of screaming (at least compared to the acts before them – I also stopped watching after Replay).

    I’ll not analyze too much lol 🙂 I’m sure jshawols are super dedicated and things will be fine. Thanks jujugal for posting!

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