[photo] SHINee at MTV VMAJ Red Carpet

[Source: http://www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj/photo/show/6/25954]

By luvCM218 | This is a full version of SHINee Red Carpet interview cut.

Taemin is saying “I hope you will be encouraged by our songs and performance. To yeoreoboon, smiling face… (wait a minute) ^^ smiling face and happiness… send…I think.”

Taemin-san, that was a big hit! You were so cute. Everyone was cheering for you inside. The people there even gave you claps and whistles 😀 kawaii-desune~

Jonghyun starts saying “Taemin-san-ga Nihongo $&(&^%^$*()(&^%$$” and can’t finish his sentence XD

[Source: Elle Girl twitter]

[from DC Taeyeon Gallery]

Look, Taemin is not even smiling here. His mind must be full of the upcoming moment of giving a message to fans in Japanese 😀

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16 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee at MTV VMAJ Red Carpet

  1. Jong where are you looking? keke

    Taemin messed up the interview. XD he was so cute. he must be really nervous.

  2. i saw the interview. taemin must have been really nervous. i think jjong caught taemin off guard when he told him to comment lol…it was soooo cute though ^^)

    i’m glad when they announced SHINee the screams where amazing. i’m soo proud of them 😀

    • I think Taemin just temporarily forgot what he memorized to say in Japanese. It happens, esp when one if nervous. You can hear someone coach him on what to say next.

  3. LOOL It was super cute, but when I see his face… I can tell he’s partially scolding himself for making a mistake. Poor magnae LOL This cutie ❤ You tried hard!

    • He looked so nervous when they were posing in the photowall zone. He must have been concerned about giving this message in Japanese 🙂

      • nah i don’t thats it. i reckon he was just nervous in general. taemin can’t hide his feelings, even his hyungs have said so. i don’t think they would put that amount of pressure on taemin considering how nervous he was. jjong just asked taeminnie out of the blue lol

        i reckon that the person who should have spoken at the end would have been onew, since he’s the leader.

  4. SHINee and their colorful accessories and lucifer shoes.
    Key and his love for Lady Gaga. OMG. (Lady G is around right? OMO. Hope they’ll meet.)
    Minho and his stand-out model-like pose.
    Taemin and his ripped jeans.
    Jonghyun and his usual black skinnies.
    Onew and his mochi mochi megawatt smile.
    They looked extra adorable here. 🙂

  5. The members tend to do this to Taemin, let him do speeches or speak on their behalf. It’s to help him get comfortable in these situations where he needs to get rid of his shyness as much as he can. And I don’t think it’s out of the blue, it was planned this way as you can see before giving the message he was already nervous and Minho was already offering him the mic upon hearing the word message even holding him at the back for encouragement.^^
    Well done Taemin! The hyungs were so proud!

  6. “Look, Taemin is not even smiling here. His mind must be full of the upcoming moment of giving a message to fans in Japanese” —-> LOL I’ve almost fall from my chair. I think you’re all right! can’t stop smiling after see the video. Thank juju for uploading those video XD
    and photos too o’course XD

  7. After that, Taemin must have wanted to go back to Korea ASAP. To Korea, where he doesn’t have to be in the center and also doesnt need to talk. LMAO

    Why do they do this to my baby? Dont they feel sorry for him? he’s so nervous even on Korean programs. >_<

    but we fans are happy to witness these episodes coz gosh he's so cute! 😉

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