[TV] SHINee Performs Replay on Happy Music

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Korean Trans by Be-bop-a-lula | English Trans and sub by jujugal

Here’s a subbed video I uploaded [Edit: I changed it to a new one cuz I found out late that Tonghyun doesn’t allow a re-upload. This cut is actually a better HD :)] This was our boys’ first performance of Replay in Japanese on a Japanese TV program. You can see they are nervous in the beginning. But I think they did a great job. They all look so handsome.

I’ve heard the sound system of Japanese music programs is much better than that of Korean programs. I don’t know, but it isn’t as good as I expected. Or is it just different?

Japan’s camera technique is different from Korea’s. Lots of close-up. Maybe they couldn’t help it because of our boys’ pretty faces 🙂


21 thoughts on “[TV] SHINee Performs Replay on Happy Music

  1. Is this pre-recorded or has Onew dyed his hair back?? Either way, it’s good to see them performing again. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • Speaking of tomorrow, there was a rumor going around that Shinee would be singing with other artists, not performing “Replay” at the MTV Awards show. Juju, do you know if there’s truth to this?

      • I think they will sing at least one song of their own, and probably sing the second one with others (maybe SNSD?). Like Big Bang did when they appeared with 2NE1. No I think it must be just a rumor. What song will they perform? Replay, or Lucifer? Don’t know. For a more spectacular performance, Lucifer will be better, but… let’s wait and see.

  2. thank you for sharing~
    anw are SHINee ever going to perform on music station? cs i heard that SHINee’s replay ranked 2nd at Music Station

  3. Forever amazing dance! I loved Onew’s ad-libs ESP at the end & his voice is so distinctive it’s easy to spot when they sing together. Keep flashing that smile & the oneechans will come flocking. Haha

    Not enough Jonghyun close ups though, which is a surprise given he has a lot of lines.

    Taemin’s solo dance rocked but I wish they showed the mic pass.

  4. jujugal, I have just found out that MTV will be streaming the ENTIRE show for the MTV VMAJ. Here’s a quote with the link:

    “One again I have to give credit to Soshified for tipping Sones off. The red carpet starts at 2:30 JST and the show will follow that. Not sure how long the preshow will last, but going off of how they do it in the US maybe 30 minutes to an hour. So happy MTV is streaming it for I-Fans. I can’t wait to see the talent Japan has.


    source: soshified l credit: archer2006

    • Btw, the show will official start at 6PM JST (Japan Standard Timezone). If you have no idea as to what time it would begin in your time zone use this website to convert:


      Here’s the official twitter of MTV Japan. The will update with coverage of the show. I don’t know Japanese so I can’t translate it. I’m going to leave it here just in case somebody needs it.


    • Oh, I would also like to remind you guys that the link I’ve posted a couple days ago only streams the red carpet. The link that I have posted just now will stream the ENTIRE show so I suggest you use this link instead. Just giving a heads up to the people who are unaware ^^

      • Btw, the webcast for the red carpet is indicated to start at 1:30 Singapore time according to the website, and then the show will start at 5 pm (ST)? I don’t understand why the red carpet starts so early.

  5. Thank you far sharing ^[]^
    i also think that japan’s camera use a lot of close-up shot and that was great but somehow i want them to show more dance shot because their dance is also great too!
    i hope japan camera will get used to their perform soon and take a shot on right place and right time so shinee can show off their charm more 😀
    but i think in Japan it not have so much music program like in Korea , right??

    • ur right. in japan, they only appear on music programs only once for each program during the entire promotion of the single. This cameraman wont get to retake their replay perf again except he also films for other music programs too.

      I’m also disappointed at the audio quality. Usually they have better systems. 😦

      But SHINee got to be on national TV so I’m really happy for that ^^
      but no interview? >_<

      • I think it may be normal practice for a performance on Jp music shows to be shorten. I rmb watching Xiah Junsu do intoxication (his jp single) on 1 or 2 music shows & the song was shorten…sure I saw the same thing for some native Jp artist too…idk

  6. I like that they call Shinee a vocal dance group. they’re dances are great but they are also strong vocally, I don’t want to see that point neglected :3

    is this the show where the Jp girl group member made no mistakes in her own performance because of what she saw shinee do on stage?

  7. “I’ve heard the sound system of Japanese music programs is much better than that of Korean programs. I don’t know, but it isn’t as good as I expected. Or is it just different?”

    I think the Japanese sound system is much better in the sense that it is very consistent in quality. Not that it is “better”, but better in consistency. In Korea there can be difference between the broadcasters and also between music programs and events. Music awards and gayo daejuns in Korean are usually disaster fests when it comes to sound. The problem in Korea is that the transmission from the studio out on TV fails, not that the mics are bad. Just look at fancams from events. You can hear the singers and they don’t sound over powered by the musicl, but when you watch the broadcast they sound muffled, the backing track drowns their voices and the sound from the mic is muted here and there in the song.

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