[info] MTV To Stream Video Music Aid Japan

To watch it, go to http://www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj/ustream.

“The show will officially start at 6PM JST (Japan Standard Timezone). If you have no idea as to what time it would begin in your time zone use this website to convert:


Here’s the official twitter of MTV Japan. The will update with coverage of the show. I don’t know Japanese so I can’t translate it. I’m going to leave it here just in case somebody needs it.


[By our kindest SHINee4ever]

For your information:

6 pm JST –> 4 am US CT (Chicago) / 5 am US ET (NY) / 2 am US PT (L.A.) /10 am UK BST (London) / 5 pm Singapore / 4 pm Indonesia Jakarta / 11 am France Paris / 12 noon Greece

“Live Red Carpet Webcast” at http://www.mtvasia.com/mini/vmaj/.

June 25, 1:30 p.m. (Singapore Time)


18 thoughts on “[info] MTV To Stream Video Music Aid Japan

  1. So they’re streaming the entire show right? Not just the red carpet? I’M SO STAYING UP FOR THIS, good thing i’m free from work tommorrow morning 😉

  2. OMG!! I am so happy ^^ right now but I am gonna be sleepy tomorrow kekeke Here Its 11:22 pm I will have to stay up practically all night to watch all the show I dont want to miss anything xDD!!! fortunately tomorrow for me is Saturday yayyy~~~~~~~
    SHINee!!!=DDD!!!! only for them I forget about my lovely sleep n.n!!

  3. thanks for streaming link!

    what magazine is this? ザ・ハイビジョン

    you read Chinese right? do you know about this?

    • Monthly High Vision or Sky Perfect? one of the magazines out yesterday…Hope someone will makes scans to share. The Chinese one is a translation of an Elle Girl staff member (probably hairstylist)’s twits about SHINee at Abbey Road Studios. She is talking about what she observed about SHINee members. It’s long…maybe later I’ll translate it…

    • I almost screamed here -_- Why can’t they show our boys longer???? I wanna see them 😦 I was cheering for Taemin when he was saying a message to fans in Japanese XD So cute~ kawaii~~~


      • LOL. Key is wearing a Lady Gaga badge on his jacket. He’s trying to make a point that he’s her fan, rofl!

  4. Those with MTV SEA or MTV China on cable in Singapore can watch the show live on TV instead of streaming it. 🙂 Not sure which other countries have these channels though.

  5. To Those in Asia who gets MTV Asia on cable: If you are interested, the replay is at 12midnight today SIN time. SHINee should be on around 130am SIN time.

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