[news] SM Stock Price Goes Up with SHINee Effect

SM Entertainment’s stock price made a sharp rise by 6%. SHINee’s debut album sales made 2nd on the day it was released. 120,000 copies of the debut single were made for the first shipments, which means its marketing is made through Youtube. It has a positive effect on SM Entertainment’s sales.

[from SBSCNBC http://sbscnbc.sbs.co.kr/read.jsp?pmArticleId=10000162352]

SM Entertainment stocks are showing strong as the visible results of “New Korean Wave” are confirmed.

In the Kosdaq market on June 24, SM stocks are being traded at 19,400 Won (currently 9:13 a.m.), 2.65% up from the previous day.

Daewoo Securities presented SM’s stock goal price as 30,000 Won with a comment that SM artists are making good sales overseas.

[from Yonhap News http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=101&oid=001&aid=0005129208]

SM stock price rebounded three days after its fall thanks to the SHINee effect as SHINee’s debut single is ranked 2nd on the Oricon chart.

On 24 June, SM finished at 20,150 Won, 6.61% (1,250 Won) up from the previous day, making the highest increase rate this year.

SM group SHINee was ranked 2nd on the Oricon chart with their debut single “Replay – you are my everything” released on 22 June. 120,000 copies were out for the first shipments.

Daewoo Securities forecasts SM’s album sales in Japan will increase to 2.02 million copies, double up from 2009, to bring an increase of royalty income.

Kim Changkwon, Daewoo Securities researcher, analyzed, “BoA started her first concert tour at the 8th quarter after releasing her first album in 2001, but DBSK at the 7th in 2004, and SNSD at the 4th last year. SHINee will start their concert tour in July, one month after their debut.”

Kim explained, “Having a tour in arenas accommodating more than 10,000 people means they’ve become popular singers who can make a commercial success. It is taking a shorter time for SM singers to become popular singers, and their concert scale and album sales are also making a big growth.”

[Source: Money Today http://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2011062415122981614]

Trans by jujugal

Hey Shawols, SHINee is doing amazingly well. We’ll see lots of trolls here and there, but don’t we have faith and confidence in SHINee and ourselves enough to ignore them?

Edit: It’s now reached 20,100 Won (1:39 p.m.) +6.35%


13 thoughts on “[news] SM Stock Price Goes Up with SHINee Effect

  1. we should be proud. i wonder why some shawols think the other way? sigh. you know, even shawols arguing about shinee being compared to the beatles. at least cant they be proud that japanese media think they are like the beatles of asian. :/

    • maybe because some shawols also beatles fans? they feel japanese media to much comparing, not only shinee but they also comparing one group to another,,
      which they don’t know it will be make jealous people everywhere..
      they blame japanese media though not shinee..
      and for jealous fans,, seems they tired already trolls there,,
      now they bash about daesung problem..

      • i know the beatles is a legend & cannot be compared. but since the japanese media made this up, why cant just they be supportive. its not they blame the media but they more towards shinee. i dont wanna say it coz its kinda unpleasant. shawols must unite right?

        i dont want shawols to split up for their fav members only. *which im most afraid of*
        daesung issue, i think many fans will say a few words but not vips.

    • right..unite is most important..
      well,from that happen before,,usually with days go on, they will think again about what they said and will understand..hope so..
      don’t afraid,,should think positively..maybe there’re some that just go for their favorite member,,
      but lately i see a lot that cann’t decide who their bias because all of them is so cute n handsome..haha..they kept changing their bias..at least people around me did..and many new fans 🙂

  2. oh this is good..usually the stock rise up becoz of other artist like SNSD..but this time bcoz of shinee

    yay..this cheers me up~

  3. You translated the stock news! Thanks for that. Plus you’re right, this one has got more details. Investors are certainly paying attention to SHINee and I love the fact that SHINee is being recognized as the cause of SM’s stock rise.

    As expected, there’s been some trolling here and there. But who cares? Anti’s and trolls cannot change the fact of how awesome SHINee’s debut is turning out.

  4. Wonder why some Shawols just can’t be positive about this. I mean, we all know our boys have the talent, the looks and so much more so shouldn’t we be proud of the fact that SHINee is being compared to The Beatles?

    Who needs antis and trolls if Shawols are the ones bashing up SHINee. We’re fans for a reason, and we support them no matter what!

  5. SM stocks closed at 20,150 today and its up 6.61% – accdg to the news, it’s the highest growth rate this year. They’re calling it the SHINee effect. 🙂

    Whoa SHINee boys…Good job! I hope Lee So Man and SM Ent gives you a nice fat bonus.

  6. shinee today on oricon chart 2nd :7408, not bad it’s it? despite the album went out stock..
    1st still 前田敦子 with 14201

    • i saw it too~ not bad. 😉 76,093 overall until 3rd day. yeayy! quite good i believe. 23,907 more to hit 100k.

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