[info] SHINee Debut Single 2nd on Oricon Chart 110623

*1 28,571 前田敦子
*2 18,415 SHINee
*3 11,775 AAA
*4 T.M.Revolution
*6 GReeeeN
*7 薫と友樹、たまにムック。
*8 新撰組リアン
*9 加藤ミリヤ
10 KinKi Kids
        前田敦子 SHINee
火 102,483  50,270
水 *28,571  18,415
木 ***,***  **,***
金 ***,***  **,***
土 ***,***  **,***
日 ***,***  **,***
合 131,054  68,685
週 ***,***  **,***
To help you estimate the trend:
Jang Geunsuk SHINee
火 *56,923  *50,270
水 *23,736  *18,415
木 *11,615  ***,***
金 *10,039  ***,***
土 **6,619  ***,***
日 **4,457  ***,***
合 113,389  ***,***
週 119,149  ***,***
[Cr to JHolic@DC Shinee Gallery]

The trend looks not bad even compared to that of Jang Geunsuk’s single, considering the limited edition is out of stock in many places.

* JGS made a big hit with the drama You Are Beautiful in Japan. SNSD’s Mr. Taxi single was 2nd on the chart after JGS’s single, which surprised everyone. Please remember SHINee is a NEW group in Japan, only known to some music fans. With the drama, JGS gained lots of fans from the general public. Hey guys, our boys are just debuting. This is not their 2nd or 3rd single released in Japan. Because they are doing so well, we get to forget that 😦


17 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Debut Single 2nd on Oricon Chart 110623

  1. Hmm… I’m thinking they’ll definitely be in the Weekly Chart top 5 at this rate. Are there any other singles coming out this week? :/

    I really hope they reach 100,000! T^T

  2. My babies are seriously kicking butt! I am satisfied &happy even if they do not hit 100k this week. I just hope sales stay within 5k-10k per day this June. They already set a record for themselves even before actively promoting in JP (e.g. showcases, TV guestings). well done, SHINee.

  3. Hmm, it’s still good. That’s okay if they dont hit 1OOK this week but i hope the sales will be steady until end of July ? Fighting SHINee!.Ah SHINee will be on Music Japan right ? Boys, you sure know how to make me proud TvT

  4. it is not but…it is not good enough…as it turn out tht ana ctor is more popular thn shinee….

    hmm i thought the sale is gonna be higher ..im dissapointed><

    • actually it’s nothing to be disappointed about, but something to be very proud of!
      keep in mind that the actor is a japanese actor, and therefore have a stronger fanbase than SHINee, given them being a foreign group.

      it’s the same with anything. local and home groups/actors/artists are bound to be more popular because they have a solid foundation. whereas the boys are currently starting Japanese promotions with a foundation built only through brief japan visits from the past.

      so when you think of it this way, they’re SECOND already, WITHOUT having any major promotions in the past, and beating other local and home town artists, that is a feat on its own. s

      so definitely nothing to be disappointed for =)

    • They’ve done so much better than other Korean groups have at this stage so I’m not sure why you’re disappointed.

      You can’t compare them and Jang Geun Suk because his dramas have been played in Japan for years so he is already well known and liked. Plus he is very skinny and feminine looking which is a look that Japan likes on men these days.

      Shinee has done quite well.

    • You must not know who JGS is or that he outsold SNSD. Plus you seem to be new here and possibly not a Shawol. Troll elsewhere.

    • In hindsight, let me apologize for my comment. I did not mean it. We are all entitled to our own feelings and opinion. Bygones…

  5. hallyu waves started with movies n dramas (winter sonata n elses..)…truthfully, actors give more bigger impact than idols…SHINee barely began their career in Japan..i think they are doing very well so far for a newly debuted group.. SHINee, hwaiting!

  6. I’m not too concerned with their first week sales. It’s about how long they will stay on the chart that counts, a lot of kpop groups have high debuts and then drop out of the top 10 very fast. I hope shinee manages to maintain some kind of longevity

  7. i just check cdjapan, hmv and yesasia.
    Limited version is still available at Yesasia, other site all sold out
    Normal edition 1st press available 25 copies at Cdjapan, that’s it
    I hope EMI release 2nd press soon

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