[info] MTV Video Music Aid Japan Webcast



You can watch “Live Red Carpet Webcast” at http://www.mtvasia.com/mini/vmaj/.

June 25, 1:30 p.m. (Singapore Time)

This may be blocked in some areas. I’m not sure, but give it a try if you live in an area the live performances are not broadcast but don’t want to miss it.

[Thanks to SHINee4ever for this info]

7 thoughts on “[info] MTV Video Music Aid Japan Webcast

  1. Hi Juju, Got a request if you have time. Given that the trolling on SHINee has started from some immature fans of other fandoms and to appease some worried Shawols, it might be good to translate this article from CNBC: http://sbscnbc.sbs.co.kr/read.jsp?pmArticleId=10000162352.

    In brief, while other stocks are falling, SM’s keep rising in response to SHINee’s debut. It went up 4% during their Abbey Road performance and now another 6% because of their debut single.

    So Shawols unite and let’s keep supporting SHINee. Even investors have taken note of SHINee’s impact and are putting their faith (and cash) on them. 🙂

    • What trolling? How come shawols can be worried? I know there are immature fans who get jealous, but why do shawols worry? Can’t they see the awesome sales record?
      The linked news is too short… I’m waiting to see and translate news after the weekly record comes out. That’s more important than the daily news. I think that’s why we don’t see much news on SHINee’s debut single sales yet.

      • juju, just for info, it’ll also air at MTV Asia, live from Tokyo.
        cause i have MTV asia channel, and those CM with SHINee in it always played everyday.
        so i guess maybe, all MTV channel will aired it?!?!

      • I don’t think they will air it on all MTV channels. Definitely on MTV Asia. Lucky you! On MTV In the U.S. too? I guess not. 😦

      • ahh really? that’s so pity.
        i thought they would aired it on all MTV, cause they played the CM so intensely, like in every break, and they use SHINee’s CM the most (or at least the most when i watch it, kkk 😀 )
        i hope there’s someone will be stream for it.
        ehh, i think Soshified will stream it live, cause SNSD is performing. 😀

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