[TV] SHINee on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke



3 thoughts on “[TV] SHINee on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke

  1. Ah, cool! The boys were cute and I loved how as soon as they came out the host couldn’t contain her “Ahh kawaii!!” lol. I’d be interested to know what the S-project people were saying about Shinee.

    I was looking at Tower’s twitter and it looks like Shinee is #1 for single sales again today?

    Also on tower’s website (http://tower.jp) for the charts on the side Replay limited and standard edition are #1 and #2 for Online Sales and Replay is #1 on the list for “Comprehensive List of Shibuya Sales” (?). I put that title through google translator so yeah lol.

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