[magazine] Taemin on Anan

[Cr to Tonghyun@tumblr] Click to see it big!

Q. Your favorite J-POP song? – Onitsuka Chihiro’s “Gekkou (Moonlight).” I listen to this song very often because of her beautiful voice.

Q. If you can take three things with you to a desert island? – As many friends as possible, water, and a boat to use to come back.

Q. What do you do during a break? – I work out, sing, and dance. I’m also studying Japanese!

Q. What did you buy recently? – A t-shirt.

Q. What is your fashion item for this summer? – A skinny jean, a big size t-shirt, a jacket. I don’t wear accessories.

Q. What kind of girl in terms of fashion do you like? – A girl who knows what style is good for her and can wear it well to look pretty.

Q. What is your motto? – Do your best and wait for God’s direction. This is our family motto.

Q. What is difficult in learning Japanese? – (Taking an example of a word) Verb or adjective conjugation is difficult!

Q. What do you think you’ll be doing if you were not a singer? – A student. I’m now a high school senior, so I would be studying hard for college entrance exam.

Q. Anyone you respect? – Japanese tutor. I’m envious of his Japanese skills.

[Korean Trans by jjj@DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal]

Taemin didn’t pick “a cell phone”!


14 thoughts on “[magazine] Taemin on Anan

  1. he probabaly didn’t pick a cell phone because knowing taemin, he’ll loose it hehe ^^
    so thats why he’s invited his friends along so they can be the reasonable ones lol

  2. i love Taemin’s answers, so simple
    and LOL, so only OnTae didn’t bring cellphone right?
    smart OnTae, kkkk

  3. he probably knows theres no signal on a deserted island 😀
    and i see… he doesnt consider his bracelets accessories, means they r more than that!

      • I dont think they broke it cause didnt 2pm debut with 59K or something? Not too sure tho
        Happy for shinee 😉

      • 2pm sold 59k in a week tho and 33k on the first day. I’m sure shinee will sell more than 59k by the end of the week 🙂

      • That’s actually fake. 2PM sold 59k in a week not one day Their 1st day sales were actually 10k. The news of them selling 59k in one day was fabricated. It’s lies, ifyou don’t believe then go google “2PM sales fabricated” or something and you’ll understand.

      • Yea i stand corrected 🙂
        Did my research and yea they beat 2pm.. Ahh so happy for them

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