[magazine] SHINee Talk on TV Guide

[Cr to Tonghyun@tumblr]

Onew: Finally we debut in Japan! I want to show our cool performances to all.

Taemin: We should be well-prepared to do so! I hope you look forward to it as we try to show perfect performances.

Key: Our debut song “Replay – you are my everything” is a Japanese version of our Korean debut song. I’m nervous how Japanese fans will think of it.

Jonghyun: There is this part, “She doesn’t know my true feelings~,” in the lyrics. It is my favorite part. It expresses the song’ s theme fully.

Key: I like that part too. It’s a totally “moving (in Japanese)” point (laugh). The M/V shows a story of five of us in love with the same girl…What if that really happens!?

Onew: Eh!? But our favorite types are different, so it won’t happen (laugh)!!

Jonghyun: If so, how would you appeal your charm? As for me, maybe frankness? But I’m not good at appealing to a girl I like. If I’d try to, I’d probably say, “I’ll sing a song for you”…

Key: Me too. Maybe frankness. I want to show the way I am to a girl I like as I do to my friends.

Minho: “Being sincere and sometimes playful” is maybe my charm (shy). And…being competitive? To a girl I like, I want to be by her side when she has some trouble.

Onew: I think my appeal point is “being friendly.” To a girl I like, I think I’ll try to strike up a conversation.

Taemin: Hmm, my strong point is maybe “working hard for whatever”? So to a girl I like, I will work hard to make her happy!

Key: Oh My God (laugh)!

Jonghyun: If I have to compete with Taemin, I’ll just give up (laugh).

Onew: (laugh) We are debuting in Japan. Do you have any memories of your birthday related to our debut?

Jonghyun: I remember everything about my birthday parties I celebrated with fans. Especially this year’s birthday party was an opportunity I was able to talk with fans after a 3~4 month term because of my leg injury.

Minho: When I turned 20, I got on a plane the day before my birthday. But when I arrived in Korea, it was the day after my birthday because of time difference. I realized how precious a birthday is! I’ll try to remember all your birthdays!!

[Korean Trans by ㄷㅂ29@DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal]

hahaha, you can see each member’s character!


5 thoughts on “[magazine] SHINee Talk on TV Guide

  1. Poor Minho, he lost his 20th birthday completedly. Anyway, a trip to Canada is not that bad. You had a lot of fun there, Mh ah, and after that, u had a cake together with Onew at your Jp fanmeet.

  2. Jonghyun: If I have to compete with Taemin, I’ll just give up
    LOL at you, Jonghyun
    Minho: I realized how precious a birthday is! I’ll try to remember all your birthdays!!
    So does that mean you didn’t remember their birthdays before, Minho?xD
    I really like reading their interview where they expose more their personality. Thank you so much for translating ♥

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