[magazine] SHINee on Biteki

[Cr to Tonghyun@tumblr] Click to see it big!

Don’t know the title yet… Onew looks like an architect? πŸ™‚ Jjong, what are you wearing? *0*

Onew’s health tip: I regain energy with chicken however tired I am!!

To the question what character are you?, he answers shyly, “An indecisive character. Hesitant?… I can’t decide what to eat easily at a restaurant. I waver between this and that.”

“So my ideal type woman is an active person who can decide anything quickly. Self-reliant…but I don’t like someone who meddles too much.”

Onew’s tip for whitening & health is drinking water. “I drink water a lot. During a recording session, I drink 3 bottles of water. It speeds up metabolism and improves skin and body condition. And when I’m tired, I regain energy by eating chicken I’m totally in love with.”

Onew’s chicken love continues~

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17 thoughts on “[magazine] SHINee on Biteki

  1. Ok so shinee appear in every single magazine possible, i’m more than glad but start to think it’s a little too much (i’m worry that all of these promotion boot replay sale which is good but if Emi doesnt keep up with intense promo, next single sales will be affect. I would prefer to c Shinee sales improve… Ok i m just speaking non sense, pls ignore me i m just worry 4 the long term

    • i agree that it seems like the full and strongest burst seem like its at the beginning and seems short termed.
      but. i think that they’ll have even more promotional activities afterwards.
      so far all these magazine spreads seems to have been taken and made a while BEFORE their debut date (judging by onew’s hair xP). chances are, it’s because this is their debut date so all the magazines are releasing it now to coincide with their debut.

      we’ll probably see more of the boys on shows, and live performances AFTER their debut, than being featured on magazines. featuring themselves on magazines will effectively make them more known and introduce them better before their debut.
      after they’ve debut, i think they’ll focus more on tv shows, performances, and variety show appearances.
      they’ve caught ppl’s attention on magazine through their pictures, looks, and comments pre-debut. Post debut they will capture their hearts with their singing and stage presence =)

      EMI so far has done things quite well in terms of promoting our boys. SHINee is the first korean group EMI has ever promoted…so i think they’ll have more up their sleeves =)

      • Im worried as well. Too much promotions aren’t good all the time. Sometimes, people will get annoyed and irritated that they have to see these people everywhere (although i wont mind. ahahah. and love to see them more). It’s like they had been feed too much apples that they want to try bananas. 5 magazines are okay but more than 10 magazines in a month? I dunno. It seems too much. I hope those magazine publishers who hadn’t published their SHINee articles would publish it on later months.

      • @shixie I hear what you are saying about the overexposure. But in a way it’s kind of a double-edged sword. I think EMI is doing the best they can for right now. It’s not even like Shinee is on the cover of most of these magazines anyways, it’s just a feature inside that people can easily skip over if they want to. If they don’t do anything, no one will know them. If they do this then maybe people will recognize them later or become interested because they saw them in the magazine.

        Magazines are the best that can be done to get Shinee’s name out right now because the big TV Shows in Japan aren’t willing to have them on until they prove themselves. That’s where the real exposure comes from. I dont think being in a lot of magazines is that big a deal~

    • I think it’s just fan’s heart – worrying worrying πŸ™‚ But for the next one, SHINee should be more exposed through TV programs. So don’t worry too much. Because SHINee hasn’t been on TV much so far and has sold that much.

      • I think as a debuting group it is much easier to land a magazine shoot than a spot in a tv program, especially the music shows. Like someone said, I think they will focus more on TV shows for the next single πŸ™‚

    • I wouldn’t worry tbh. I doubt most ppl are followers of ever single mag shinee appear in…some maybe but most probably follow 3-4 at most on a constant basis & as someone mentioned most appearances have been non-cover types features easily skipped by readers if they choose so Shinee are hardly being pushed into ppl faces. Keeping that in mind & the fact that each mag is usually targeting a different, specific audience these features give shinee the opportunity to be exposed to various types of ppl…

      imo mags were/are one of the best & most “inoffensive” ways to get a new, foreign band like shinee known to the public pre-debut the whole point after all is to get ppl to try & buy shinee’s music. If a person like the 1st single they won’t need much pushing to at least try the 2nd one right? πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow I like seeing them in a suit. I like Onew’s solo both close up and full body. He looks so mature and lean. Me likey : )

  3. Jjong looks sexy
    Taemin looks like he’s about to send quite a few noona fans to jail
    Key is fashionable and he knows it
    Minho looks gentlemenly and elegant
    and Onew looks 0.0 wow.
    my onew bias speaking, but wow he looks incredible xP I love his full body shot, so mature, so lean, so fashionable.

    love the pictorial. shinee’s off to a great start

  4. I really like the theme of this photoshoot, it’s different from all the others I’ve seen so far.
    But is it just me who found Jonghyun’s shirt funny? xD

  5. Yay! i finally found out what magazine these pics were from! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    Good lord, Taemin with his red hair and that black suit! Why do I even bother attempting to breathe?!

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