[info] SHINee Ranked 1st on Tower Records Single Sales Chart for 22 June

3位 Dir en grey「DIFFERENT SENSE」、2位 前田敦子「Flower」、
そして1位は、2日連続!で、SHINee「Replay -君は僕のeverything-」でした!

All Tower Records Store Single Chart on 22 June!!
3rd Dir en grey「DIFFERENT SENSE」、2nd 前田敦子「Flower」
and 1st is SHINee「Replay -you are my everything-」for two days in a row!


10 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Ranked 1st on Tower Records Single Sales Chart for 22 June

  1. wow,great!
    hey, i think this the chart for 22/06/11


    *1 28,571 前田敦子
    *2 18,415 SHINee
    *3 11,775 AAA

    wow. our SHINee’s doing soo well

      • #1 – Flower @ 28,571
        # 2 – Replay by SHINee @ 18,415.

        2-days total: 68,685.

        I’M WEEPING with JOY. In 2 days, the boys so far is the best-selling Kpop group that debuted in recent times. They have not even really started their promotions yet.

      • awesome!! then, if this trend continues we could get about 100k+ for one week! hehehe~ *my wish*

  2. If Replay ranks 2nd weekly on Oricon they will be invited to Music Station right???
    Anw, i’m praying that their sale will keep up constantly from now on, at least 10k a day (is it too much?? ^.^) for the 1st week. There is a massive drop from yesterday sale to today but their appearance on music program tomor and perf on Sat should help their sale somewhat right? 🙂

    • yes,,and also if the sales keep stable maybe they can reach 100k in a week..
      agree,,they appearance on music program should be help 🙂

    • Hopefully, yes! SHINee have already sold more in two days than the groups that have aldready debuted did in a week, so I think it would be hard for TV shows to completely ignore them. I’m not expecting a sudden massive demand for SHINee on TV shows, but I do think they’ll receive more invitations than what they’ve gotten up until now.

      Hopefully Replay’s sales won’t drop too much and stay around 7 000~9 000 copies a day.

    • Actually Replay dropped by only 63% vs Flower at 72% so I would say it’s normal ESP after such a strong start. Of course, Flower’s sales was double of Replay thus the faster drop today. They still did better than I expected. I hope they maintain at 10k per day

    • They are actually doing pretty well if you ask me. This is barely their debut single, they’ll have more chances to improve. I kind of expected the drop in sales since a lot of online and offline stores had already sold out the limited editions and 1st press of regular edition. I don’t even think they have restocked them yet too. Hopefully, they’ll do better tomorrow.

      Remember guys, this is barely just their debut single and they have already broken records with it ^^

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