[photo] SHINee Photo Gallery at Tower Records Shinjuku

SHINeeニューシングル「Replay-君は僕のeverything-」発売記念JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM PHOTO GALLERY開催中!タワレコ新宿7Fです♩うちわも大好評配布中です。 [twitpic.com/5elc78]

For SHINee new single “Replay – You Are My Everything -“, JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM PHOTO GALLERY held! Tower Records Shinjuki 7F ♩ Uchiwa is handed out in great public favor.


11 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee Photo Gallery at Tower Records Shinjuku

  1. Woah. Great promotion SHINee! I dunno what to say. EMI, i love you more and more. Japan, thank you for being good to SHINee. J-Shawols, you have been really blessed, take care of our boys. Shawols jjang! Shawols, i love you all.

  2. Whoa. At this rate, SHINee will practically be everywhere! I wouldn’t mind that XD

    Btw jujugal, I heard that after the news of SHINee’s performance at Abbey Road Studios, it caused SM stocks to raise 4.59% on the next day. Woot woot!

  3. Jujugal I found a picture of a booth @ Tower Records in Shibuya. It seems that they are already putting it up to sell. It isn’t even the 22nd yet, it’s barely the 21st.

      • But the albums that sell today still count towards the sales for the week though, right? Because the album isn’t officially out until tomorrow

      • Yes it does. It’s just the way they do business in Japan. We will see the sales number on tomorrow’s oricon chart.

  4. i read on EMI youtube channel’s bulletin yesterday that they will put up the sale of Replay album yesterday. so, it’s now really is already released? then, what i read is right. LOL

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