[magazine] Onew on Anan

[Cr to Tonghyun@tumblr] Click to see it big!

Q. Your favorite J-POP song? – Utada Hikaru’s first love.

Q. If you can take three things with you to a desert island? – Mom, a friend, a cook (with a knife).

Q. What do you do during a break? – I mostly sleep (laugh), and then practice singing.

Q. What color do you like? – Monotone like white or black.

Q. What did you buy recently? – I bought and ate delicious chicken!

Q. What is your fashion item for this summer? – Loose pants and loose t-shirt. I like a comfy style.

Q. What kind of girl in terms of fashion do you like? – I think a flowing dress is cute.

Q. Your childhood dream? – To be an architect. I liked building or designing something.

Q. What do you think you’ll be doing if you were not a singer? – An architect again? Or an architectural designer.

Q. What are you expecting in Japan? – I want to improve my Japanese skills and do several things on TV programs!

Q. Anyone you respect? – EMI (Japanese record company) Suzuki san. Because he is teaching me oyaji gag (laugh). For example, “kaeru kaeru (frog is back)!”

[Korean Trans @ OnAir | English Trans by jujugal]

Thank you, Tonghyun! Onew looks so romantic here ๐Ÿ™‚ And his chicken love is forever.


14 thoughts on “[magazine] Onew on Anan

  1. lol, here we go again with the chicken XD

    Whoa, Onew loves listening to Utada Hikaru doesn’t he? I love her too! I bet he totally freaked when he found out that he was in the same company as her! XD

    • “I bet he totally freaked when he found out that he was in the same company as her! XD” LOL bb, i love your words. kkkkk
      i love Hikki’s first love too, even though it kinda old song, but still my fav JP song.
      and Onew, your love for chicken is really deep, ehh?!?! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Onew, how could you possibly be an architech? Hahaha. He failed at sketching. I remembered his me2day. Hahaha.

      • He has numerous childhood dreams. He wants to be a scientist before. Hahaha. He probably reliazed how difficult sketching is. Onew got lots of dreams and ambitions. He wants to be a pilot, opera singer and etc. Onew,stick to being a singer or musical actor or mc!

  3. There goes SHINee’s ajussi collector again. These days you don’t need to be good in sketching to be an architect, you just need to be good at computers. I’m one! (well halfway there^^)

    • Most professors in Universities still require manual illustrations. When studying architecture, part of the lesson is to sketch and design manually. Sketches will be graded, so one must be good at it. Computers sure are very helpful, but it’s inevitable not be good in sketching if you are studying archi.

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