[info] SHINee Replay Standard Edition Sells Out at Tower Records Fukuyama

We are very sorry. SHINee Replay Standard Edition is currently sold out. It will be restocked on 23 June afternoon (- corrected to 22 June in red ink). [from twitter; DC]

I don’t know how many they had in stock. I’m afraid to raise your expectations too high, but wanted to let you know the sales seem to be going well.


3 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Replay Standard Edition Sells Out at Tower Records Fukuyama

  1. juju, i wanna ask you something.
    according to hmv and tower record, shinee’s album doing pretty well. they are always on chart. i mean other artist just come and go on those chart. even amazon and hmv have to restock their album.
    when i see your post that say that people think shinee will sell 60.000-70.000, im a bit shock.
    does hmv, tower record, and amazon included in oricon calculation?
    im kinda new in this oricon thing so i need explanation. sorry if bother you. thanks in advance.

    • Why are you shocked? That’s for the first week’s sales, and the number is not small for the first week (I think we are hoping for more inside, but don’t want to spoil it by saying it out loud). KARA sold a bit over 20K in the first week for their debut single, and SNSD 40K. Other boy groups who sold more later used sales events like high-five or hands-shake events. SHINee is not using that kind of sales tactics. Considering that, the number is not small.
      The one that went out of stock is the limited edition, which literally means the number of copies for sale is limited. There is also a standard edition. And I think the online and offline stores have a certain number of copies on stock and will ask for more when they are out of stock. They made 120K copies for the first shipments, which means they estimated SHINee’s TOTAL sales would be that much. That is great, you know, but it will take weeks to reach that number. I’m hoping they will sell more than that, but we’ll have to see.

  2. if i lived in japan id also buy many many copies just to ensure shinee would stay in my county longer and frequently come back 😀 tho im hoping its also new people that didnt know them or the song before 😉

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