[fan account] SHINee Japan Debut Reception at Abbey Road Studios

The beat from the start of Replay…it was just…like magic…..I have no idea…it was just, we saw them perform their new single for the first time….I feel so utterly privileged, and they performed so amazingly, all their vocals were fabulous, Taemin did most of Jjong’s lines, but Key and Onew also did some, seein how synchronized they are with their dancing is absolutely unbelievable, and I am sorry, but fancams/music video’s do not do Taemin’s dancing justice, the way that boy pops and locks his body….it’s beyond me, it’s like he is not even  human, he just follows through all his moves so flawlessly and just…I have no words AND THE SWIMMING MOVE, THE SWIMMING MOVE I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES, I NEARLY COLLAPSED WHEN HE DID IT I WAS SO HAPPY, AND THEN WHEN KEY PASSED HIM THE MIC BACK IDK I JUST FELT TO PRIVILEGED TO SEE THAT TOO BECAUSE IT’S SOMETHING WE ALL CHAT ABOUT BUT OMG I SAW IT DSKJGGJKDBGVF and they were all smiling the whole way through, especially Onew, he had the biggest grin on his face ever and was just beaming it at everyone, you can really see why he is the leader…he is just, he yer. Key…..Key baffles me, he was just….oh my, he was flawless, seriously, I know Key is an amazing dancer, but seriously, the very few times I took my eyes off Tae, I was so amazed by Key, and Minho……where do I ever start…..Minho emits this amazing aura….his face it’s so calm and so beautiful….Minho is the hardest to explain, because he is, oh I don’t even know.

An English lucky fan, who got an invitation, wrote an account of the showcase. It is very long and detailed. You can feel with her how awesome it was. (She’s a Taemint ;)) To read the whole account, go to http://loveleetaemin.tumblr.com/post/6734324810/shinee-japan-debut-premium-reception-at-abbey-road.


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