[TV] SHINee Debut Reception in London on Mezamashi TV

By kpopidolgroupjapan

By liztvxq2

By jeca2393

until a better clip comes out… Replaced with a better one!

– You can see Jonghyun join the other members for the last acoustic performance. He smiled. Very professional.


7 thoughts on “[TV] SHINee Debut Reception in London on Mezamashi TV

  1. Woooow! The acoustic version of Replay was just…Woooow! I have no words to describe the awsomeness that was 01:52~02:06! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll perform this at least one more time. Please, EMI! And the person who did the re-arrangment is a genius!

    Jonghyun looked tired, but still so cute and happy when he entered the stage. It really sucks being sick when your travelling. I was down with a fever for 5 days on my vacation in Vietnam last year and didn’t leave the bed at all. I hope he’s not as sick as I was.

    • You’re Right…Hopping Nothing Serious Happen To Jonghyun…I’m Also Had A Same Experience Went i’m Going To Beijing n Jakarta…

      • Yeah. What happened to SM’s video of the event? I hope they didn’t pulled the plug on the video. It would be such a shame since the acoustic version is absolutely gorgeous, and it really showcases SHINee’s vocals.

  2. oh jjong i get so worried about u, both for ur health and ur desire to please us fans =(
    i think it was so touching that he wanted to come out to sing the last song, he must have been so disappointed to not be able to perform. but jjong, we care about your health first!

    i will not like. i TEARED when i heard the accoustic version of replay. that and coupled with the fact that jjong was sick during the performance moved me to tears. when i think i cant love these boys more, they prove me wrong.

    i truly truly TRULY hope that EMI knows how beautiful the new arrangement is, and I hope to see them perform it live with all 5 members HEALTHY AND WELL.

    SHINee fighting! Jonghyun fighting!

  3. I wanna hear a full version of the acoustic replay! the way jjong limped a bit while getting on stage made me sad 😦

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