[magazine] Key on Ori Suta

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery] Click to see it big!

1. Name Key

2. Birthday 23 September 1991
3. Blood Type B
4. Your character in SHINee Energizer?! (laugh).
5. Your favorite girl type A woman stylish, smart, and of firm character.
6. Your favorite Japanese drama 1 Liter of Tears, Produce Nobuta
7. Your favorite Japanese artist Hiraiken, Nakashima Mika, Amuro Namie
8. Your favorite Japanese food Donkatsu ramen, convenience store bento. So many different kinds and very delicious!
9. Your favorite Japanese words “Umai jang~ (delicious)”
10. What do you want to do or where do you want to go in Japan? I want to eat ramen or go to Odaiba or Don Quijote (*A popular shopping and entertainment place) (laugh).
11. Your sunbaes DBSK and SNSD debuted in Japan and are very popular. What do you think of it? I’m very thankful since it is thanks to our sunbaes that we are able to do our activities.
12. Which artist is your model for performance? Lady Gaga, Mika, 3OH!3, Katy Perry.
13. What Korean place would you recommend? Apgujeong with pretty cafes.
14. Which song on your albums do you like? “Lucifer”
15. How do you appeal your music or performance? I think I am our group’s mood maker. A sub-mood maker is Jonghyun hyung, and Taemin could be a new face!? I try to make the best performance in singing and rapping and enjoy the stage myself to make people enjoy it too.
16. Which member act like a spoiled child most? Myself (laugh).
17. A message about your debut in Japan! I look forward to our Japanese debut on 22 June as Japanese fans are supporting us so passionately. I want to show SHINee-like singing and performance, so please support us!

[Korean trans @ DC Shinee Gallery | English trans by jujugal]


4 thoughts on “[magazine] Key on Ori Suta

  1. Nobuta! Key seriously has the best taste. All I want now is for Key and Kame to become bffs. That would be beyond epic.

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