[info] 120K Copies of SHINee Debut Single for the First Shipments

A Japanese news article says 120,000 copies of SHINee’s debut single Replay were made for the first shipments. Fans think the first week’s sales will be about 60,000~70,000.

[Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20110621-00000000-dal-ent]

The article says it’s unprecedented, doesn’t it? It means their estimation is SHINee will be able to sell at least 120K in total!


5 thoughts on “[info] 120K Copies of SHINee Debut Single for the First Shipments

  1. wow! i’m so happy for our boys!
    i hope they can set a new records and new standards for their JP debut.
    like how they do when they debuted in korea. (they set a new standard for debut stage with performing live!)
    btw juju, i check tower records per 2011/06/20 there’s 3 albums of SHINee there on top 10.
    can you explain to me? it’s suppose to be 2 albums right?

    • It could be an error. Because the second and third ranked there are basically the same one. I clicked “buy” button for both, and they were counted as the same one in the shopping cart. We should check it back later to see if it was corrected.

  2. i just receive email from cdjapan inform that they ship my copy. Can’t wait till tomorrow for the chart

  3. Keeping fingers crossed! I set my expectation a bit lower because they will already kick a** even at just 30k on day 1.

    WoooHooo!!! I just got an email from CDJapan that they shipped out my CD already. So excited. I cannot wait to see the photobook in 3-6 days.

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