[fan account] SHINee Debut Premium Reception in London

An awesome illustrated fan account by ALN (check out her blog: http://sorrysory.blog45.fc2.com/blog-entry-346.html#more346)

The light out, and SHINee appears! Sings Replay in Japanese, wait, there is no Jonghyun!!!

Greeting fans in English, Korean, and Japanese.

The performance order: Replay – Juliette – Hello – Ring Ding Dong – Lucifer – Replay acoustic ver.

Adidas sponsoring? Everyone is wearing Adidas snickers. Minho cheating by looking at the monitor for lyrics.

Key swinging his arm when singing Hello. The black string got loosened off during performance. His necklace with HOPE letters is broken…

Onew, handsome. Made a mistake by saying “Abbey Road Studio in Japan.” Drinks water and passes it to Taemin, Taemin drinks and passes it to Minho, Minho just drinks it. He is wearing the same winged-snickers with Taemin but in a different color.

Taemin’s arm is caught in his clothes. Wearing winged-snickers. Taemin and Key divided Jonghyun’s parts. Key grinned whenever Taemin makes mistakes

Jonghyun couldn’t perform due to high fever but for the last song. He looked very ill. He looked smaller in an oversize T-shirt.

– Korean Trans @ DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal




9 thoughts on “[fan account] SHINee Debut Premium Reception in London

  1. The illustrations are really cute. ><

    Awww Key, just buy another necklace.
    Adidas again? Weren't they sponsored by them when they debuted?

    Haha. Minho cheated. Why, why? XD Oh, I'd love to be that water bottle. *Sigh.
    It seemed like a fun performance since they just laugh at Taemin's mistakes.

    Poor Jjong. A high fever with a broken heart? Tsss. Well, get better, please.
    And just focus on your Japanese debut, Jjong. ^^

    Thank you so much for this, Juju. :*

      • Jonghyun does not look like someone with a broken heart ESP not in the past 2 weeks. So I agree that this break up must have happened way before Jun. Thus this news just made me madder as it was initiated by SSK’s agency with perfect timing. SHINee was all over the news yesterday so they could not wait to release this news. They are such douche bags and such opportunists. I was very happy about jjong and SSK before. Now I’m so pissed bec their relationship has turned into a PR stunt. People should be talking about SHINee making history last Sun. Instead, the morning news was about SHINee and the evening news (at least on news sites) was all about the break up. Bec the latter is more sensational, people talk about it more than what SHINee achieved. So yeah, I’m pretty pissed.

      • A good point made by a marketing specialist 😉 Right, they needed publicity, and it was good timing for her agency. Her movies are coming out soon. But I think it didn’t stir up interest as much as they wanted to. Fans don’t care, and even the public don’t care about it much now. In Korea, with this kind of thing, women lose much more than men. So put up with the agency that tries to make use of it. As I see it, it didn’t really eclipse the news of SHINee’s performance in London.

      • Hey Juju, I’m psyched that you remember I work in Marketing. LOL. Glad to hear the break up news was pretty much ignored in Korea.

  2. On a happier note, the fan account is so cute. I think it’s only the 2nd one I have read. I hope the boys are not too bummed by their lapses. They must have been so nervous. .

  3. This is so so cute!!

    I know taemin would make mistakes singing jjong’s parts >_<

    and it's just so onew-like to be confused between japan and london LOL

    also LOL at minho gulping down all the water saving none for Key LMAO

  4. I went to the blog site and found one more pix there

    it shows that while the front of the stage was crowded by the 30 lottery winner fans, the back was kinda empty. There were staff and media people here and there and also Lee Sooman and Youngmin at the back. LOL

    • I get an error message. Was it deleted? The news say 44 fans were invited. Was it 30? I think they didn’t intend to fill the place. It was originally planned to be not open to the public. Anyway, those invited are so lucky.

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