[photo] Shots of SHINee Japan Debut Album

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Wow, it looks really pretty. I’m hoping to get Taemin’s photo card.

Btw, how did they get the album already?

8 thoughts on “[photo] Shots of SHINee Japan Debut Album

  1. I’m not sure how EMI does, but I know that AVEX gives copies of Ayumi Hamasaki’s singles and albums to her fan forum Ayuchina ahead of release. The deal is that Ayuchina gets the copies earlier and in exchange Ayuchina releases photos from the booklet without leaking the songs. You might call it noise marketing.

    EMI might be doing the same with SHINee, but if so which forum? Or it could be someone working in a record store that have received their shipments.

  2. I heard that HK people tend to get it earlier even from Japan people. I think there’s a small store in HK that already has this so people might have it earlier.

  3. how do i get the album tht can support the boys? anyone know the website tht contributes to any of the chart? i wanna buy bulks of the album but dunno which website contributes to oricon charts for example><


  4. i got the taemin card.. i’m looking for anyone who’s willing to trade a group one for it… i actually found someone, but she doesn’t want to cuz i’m in m’sia and she’s in s’pore.. ==|||

  5. I have an other question kéké :p
    The pic is of the normal edition or premium edition pleaase ?
    Thanks you for answer me 🙂

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