[photo/fancam] SHINee on Abbey Road

Click to see it big! [www.facebook.com/smtown | http://yfrog.com/ki7twpnj%5D

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By kyoofkaichino | A clear and good view of SHINee

By Jpkasians | A close view.

To see more fancams…

By CazGirl | A 10-minute long good record of fans waiting and SHINee appearing

By kumickys | Watch from 1:00.

By MiniMells95

By Ssakura96

Cr to crush-on.com | Onew-focused


7 thoughts on “[photo/fancam] SHINee on Abbey Road

  1. I’m glad they came out! I was hoping and praying for London shawols who waited hours they would come out. I’m always happy when they see they have fans all over. And dedicated ones at that! Fans who stand outside for hours just for the chance to see them even though they know they can’t attend the concert.

    • I read one comment on an youtube fancam saying seeing them in person for a few seconds was worth the long wait and it made her year. I’m also happy for the fans.

      • Well You See…Shawol Likes Us Who R Not Staying In Korea n Can’t See Them In Live Frequently….Will Be Happy If We Just Can See Them For A Few Second…It’s Like Dream Come True …n If They Wave Or Say Love To Us..It Will Be A Extra Bonus …^^

  2. They looked overwhelmed at first, then happy to see the fans wItting outside. Onew looked touched and really happy. I wish they would upload the videos soon. I cannot wait to watch their live performance.

    Crush On You noon must be really rich. She’s been following Onew even in Europe.

    • I’m wondering if it is one noona or different members who are filming these videos. When will they upload videos of their performances??–I guess it will be only one video, though

  3. I was reading around tumblr, and someone who was there today said this about Jjong:

    “Ah, it’s really not as bad as people are making it sound. We were talking to the staff in Abbey Road Studios earlier, and basically they said he has a stomach bug (‘: Apparently another member had it yesterday, but they’ve recovered now but passed it onto Jjong. It sounds like a 24-hour thing, he’ll be racing around again in no time ^^

    Plus he did actually appear on stage for the last song. He looked tired and didn’t smile as much as usual, but he put his best into that one performance and oh my days did he make me cry.”

    So he did actually perform 1 song then~

    • Thanks for the info. I actually added an update that he performed the unplugged version of Replay. Good to hear it’s nothing serious. I’m just so sorry for Jjong, but at least he was able to perform one song on stage!

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