[news] SHINee Debut Reception in Abbey Road Studios on Morning News

By kjudi202


5 thoughts on “[news] SHINee Debut Reception in Abbey Road Studios on Morning News

  1. It’s cool seeing them on the news for something they accomplished by themselves as opposed to something like SM Town. With that people could say, oh those people were there for SNSD/Suju or something, but not here! Haha. Yay Shinee and London Shawols~

  2. is it only me or has taemin lost weight and gotten skinnier again 😦
    i’m really concerned. since they have been working hard and traveling/performing alot, it looks like he’s going back to being skiiny again.

    my friend (a guy) in london saw him and said he was really pretty in real life!!!!!!

    • That’s what people who saw him in real life say. At DC, someone who saw him in London also left the same account: he was so so pretty. When could I see him in person? >,<

      • I have seen them up close 3x and 2x from afar. They are all even more handsome in person – certainly very charismatic. They have this presence. I was pretty star struck the first time & I got teary eyed seeing Onew in person & hearing him sing live. I was 6 rows from stage and 2 rows behind Choi Jin and the other SHINee managers so yeah, pretty close. Onew was really beautiful (they all were) and fan servicey (mostly OnKey). Yes, Taemin is prettier than most girls LOL.

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