[goods] SHINee Debut Reception Guest Got Cute Gift

[Source: aoishinju @ tumblr]

Thanks, LadyJady, for sharing this here.

I’m more and more impressed by EMI. They even prepared this for every guest! So cute and precious. It’s a badge-like mp3 player for Replay.

How can I get one? >,>


13 thoughts on “[goods] SHINee Debut Reception Guest Got Cute Gift

  1. i am most definitely impressed by EMI more and more.
    just tiny details and attention like this just shows me more and more that the boys made a good decision with their choice in their affiliated company =)
    now im super excited to see just how they support our boys, since SHINee will be their FIRST korean artists ^^

  2. I hope my love for EMI continues to grow :’D they’ve simply been amazing until now, and SHINee hasn’t even “debuted” yet ~ Only about 2 days left until they officially debut, so excited ^^ I wonder if someone is willing to sell their badge-mp3 player… I want it so badly.

  3. wow that’s definitely the coolest gift ever, forget about mouse pad or fan or poster… i want that mp3 player

  4. Even if i only have that box (without the badge), i would totally happy. I will keep my …. uhm …. wedding ring in that ^^
    Ah, and juju ah, seems like the date and location for Shinee’s reception concerts in Japan have been released, there will be 6 shows in 5 cities begin in July 22nd and end in Aug 8th …. well, at least google translate said that 🙂

  5. Wow. Simply amazing. If only they could transfer to this company permanently, it’d be great. But yeah, SM is great, too. I’d love to see how they treat the boys when they officially debut. O.o

  6. and there’s usb cable for charging??! >< i want oneee~ wae the gift so unique /ENVY
    EMI DAEBAK! they appreciate our boys so much ❤

  7. At first I wonder why SM choose EMI for SHINee instead of Avex like other groups, but now I see it definitely a good thing! Being the only Korean band in the company, SHINee seems to be taken care very well. In fact, I’m very impressed by EMI. Hope that SHINee debut will be a big success!!!

  8. EMI sure doing great!! shinee news perform on abbey road even in tv online in indonesia ❤
    go EMI n SHINEE !! ❤

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