[event] SHINee Japan Debut Reception in Abbey Road Studios

[Source: http://www.facebook.com/smtown%5D

So many things to update, wow. Overwhelming. If you want to watch the fans in front of the Studios on real time, go to http://www.abbeyroad.com/visit/. It’s exciting to hear the fans chanting and shouting~ “We want SHINee”


5 members of SHINee were planning to perform the best stage for the debut in Japan, but JONGHYUN couldn’t participate in the LIVE Stage because of high fever. Thus SM staff decided to open the LIVE Stage with only 4 members. This decision is made for JONGHYUN’s health so we ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Also relay of ‘SHINee JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION in LONDON’ in FACEBOOK SMTOWN will be postponed due to the situation. However, our staff will upload some parts of the LIVE Stage (video) as soon as possible (photos will be uploaded continuously).

We hope everyone can cheer JONGHYUN up and wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.

Thank you for reading and all your understanding.


Ah, Jonghyun T.T Get well soon T.T

Click to see it big!

Maybe Jonghyun just greeted the audience on the stage. How bad he must be feeling, but Jonghyun, it’s OK. Just take care of yourself!

Wow, I’m now hearing screams from London fans… SHINee must be out now!


Jonghyun stayed inside the studio to watch other members perform. Oops, sorry, this is not certain. The following twit is just saying Jonghyun left after LSM.

“Jjong left right after LeeSooMan with their manager. So he was safe from the screams.” [ – corrected | Source: DC; twitter by mayo_3mzii]

Jonghyun came on stage for the last song according to a news article (http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=103&oid=001&aid=0005120596). I think it is Replay. But it doesn’t say whether he performed or just greeted the fans. Probably just to greet the audience??

“SHINee sang 5 songs – Replay, Juliette, Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, and Hello. Replay, Juliette, and Hello in Japanese versions.” [from Seoul News]

Jjong performed the unplugged version of Replay with a live band on the last stage. He is said to have had a stomach bug. Nothing serious. (Thanks, JW, for the info).


17 thoughts on “[event] SHINee Japan Debut Reception in Abbey Road Studios

  1. It’s the first time I see Taemin with this particular hairstyle.. and I’m loving it 😀 he looks soooo hooooot. BTW, I just read that Jonghyun won’t be able to participate in the Live stage @ Abbey Road o_o Apparently he has a really high fever D: … Get well soon Jonghyun ; u;

  2. It’s sad that Jonghyun couldn’t participate since this is a special once in a lifetime kind of opportunity to perform at Abbey Studios. Hopefully he doesn’t feel bad about it and just focuses on feeling better before Japan activities start getting intense.

    Jonghyun, fighting~!

  3. I hope he gets better soon. I am sure they’re all very tired from the travelling/jetlag and performances. I am sure he would hate missing the chance to perform in Abbey Road though.

    I am still excited to hear/see the performance from 4-SHINee. I hope they did well despite the fact that they must have re-distributed the lines only today.

  4. I’m confused. If Jonghyun wasn’t well enough to sing, how come there are 5 people on that stage? That is a picture of today’s Japan Premium Reception at Abbey Road, right?

  5. is it just me or everytime Shinee doing promotion, there’re always bad thing happen, (Juliet was postpone 1 weeks due too Onew’s injury, member get sick during Ring Ding Dong promotion, Minho injure right before Lucifer, Jonghyun’s scandal during Hello, his injury as well…)
    He was there for rehearsal, his condition must be really bad. Get well soon T__T, he must feel bad not be able to perform, and this is Abbe Road after all, why such bad luck???
    I’m worry how they gonna pull through this T__T, i

    • It will be okay if he nips it in the bud. High fever doesn’t usually last too long if you take care of it.

  6. i could feel jjong is feeling bad for us shawols for this. OMG! pls dont. you’re making us worried. i cried. we know how sensitive he is but i hope jjong doesnt push himself so hard to please us. i dont need that! just dont mind about that reception right now. focus to get well sooner! now, you’re making me cried. T__T *sorry im just…*
    hope he get better very very soon.

  7. damn, poor jjong 😦
    at least they already have his lines sorted out for all the songs from his injury time, only sucks that 3 of em were japanese versions, having to learn new lines in a language u dont speak in 1 day? or more likely an hour or so… scary :/
    didnt amber hit her ankle after inki today or something? read rumors on utube.. when i saw pictures of shinee as 4 i thought BOTH OF THEM? O_O but at least hopefully jjongs fever isnt too serious and he’ll be fine in a few days.. and i hope the amber rumor isnt true either or is just something minor..

    anyway sux that they cant fully enjoy abbey road as 5 😦
    but in any case, congrats shinee!!!

  8. Could this set back with Jonghyun being sick mean a big success in the future? Just trying to see this from a bright side haha

    I hope he won’t be too upset about this. It not like it’s his fault or anything. Hopefully he’ll recover fast and get to enjoy London with the other members 🙂

  9. Jonghyun indeed performed the last song together with SHINee!! Replay unplugged version with a live band because he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to sing at abbey roads for the fans!!! Got this info directly from a fan who attented this event! You just have to love this boy! Get well soon Jonghyun! Hwaiting!

  10. I feel bad for Jjong, singing in Abbey Road must be like a dream 😦 It’s good that he could perform at least 1 song here. Get well soon, Jjong!!! Hope that SHINee’s debut will be a big success! Our 5 boys, hwaiting!!!

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